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Hebrew Library

This year marks the third year since the opening of Hebrew Library at the Elsa High School campus. Thanks to many generous donations, we have amassed over 1400 Hebrew books and magazines. The library publishes Hebrew Library Corner articles weekly in the "The Weekly Daf". The articles focus on reviews and recommendations of books by students and staff.

Hebrew Book Club

The Hebrew Book Club, for students in Grades 6-10, is held in conjunction with our Department of Hebrew Studies and has now been running for three years. Sessions are divided into two student groups. Students choose a book that they would like to read on an individual level and discussions are held about them. The Hebrew Book Club runs every Tuesday during lunch recess.

Hebrew Book Catalogue



West Side Story

lsa's West Side Story will transport you to 1950s New York City where two young, idealistic lovers, Tony and Maria, find themselves caught between warring street gangs, the "American" Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. Their struggle to survive in a world of hate, violence and prejudice is one of the most heart-wrenching and relevant musical dramas of our time.

Book Cafe

Colourful scenes from this week's PTA Book Cafe