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Governance of the School

The Board of Directors is regulated by the Articles of Association of Carmel School Association Limited. The Board comprises of not less than 10 members at any time, plus an additional 2 members nominated by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and approved by the Board. The Board has a Chairman elected by the Board, a Vice-Chairman and Executive Committee (appointed by the Chairman) and several sub-committees (which may be comprised of both members of the Board and non-members). The Board meets monthly throughout the school year and whenever else required. Members of the Board serve terms of office of 2 years, but are eligible for re-appointment.

The Board is intended to be comprised of a balance of parents of students, parents of former students, community members and other independent directors, with the desire that the representation on the Board reflects the diversity of the student base and stakeholders of the school.

Further information

Role of the Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to set the policies affecting the School, and to appoint and supervise the Principal of the School and the Head of the Elementary School. These policies include matters such as ensuring that the ethos on which the school was founded continues to be adhered to, the financial stability of the school, and key strategic matters such as securing premises for the various sections of the school to operate from.

The day-to-day operation of the school, however, falls within the remit and the authority of the Principal of the School and Head of the Elementary School, as well as the members of the school teaching, support and administration staff, which are appointed by the Principal of the School and the Head of the Elementary School.

Duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are required to exercise their duties and responsibilities in the best interests of the school and free from personal conflicts and interests in accordance with both Hong Kong law and the constitution of the school. Board discussions and deliberations are required to be kept confidential, and parents and other stakeholders are kindly asked to respect their duty to maintain confidentiality.

Members of the Board of Directors are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ethics which addresses matters such as conflict with personal interests and confidentiality.

Supervisory committee

The Board has also formed a committee called the Supervisory Committee. This is a committee intended to be comprised of non-Board members who are members of the community with a wealth of experience in matters relating to the school (whether through being original pioneers and founders of the school, or parents or other stakeholders). The Board will consult with the Supervisory Committee annually and as needed from time to time on matters that might affect the ethos of the school and other high level strategic matters where the Board considers that it may benefit from the experience and wisdom of members of the Supervisory Committee.

The Supervisory Committee is not formed or regulated in accordance with the constitution of Carmel School Association Limited and is an ad hoc committee formed by the Board. Its membership is appointed by the members of the Supervisory Board themselves, subject to approval by the Board. The members of the Supervisory Committee are required to maintain the same level of confidentiality as applies to Board members.

Annual General Meeting

The PTA holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the PTA each year (usually in June) to which all parents of students attending the School and the Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre are invited to attend. The AGM usually includes a presentation by the PTA and the Board of Directors, covering achievements of the previous year and objectives and challenges for the forthcoming years. There is an opportunity for parents and other interested parties to raise questions on those presentations and other matters affecting the school.


Matters relating to day-to-day issues affecting students in the School or other school matters should in the first instance be directed to the teacher of the relevant grade or another member of the teaching staff. The Principal of the School and the Heads of the various sections of the school are always available for consultation as we encourage active and constructive parent participation. Parents are asked not to approach members of the Board on these matters, and members of the Board are required to refer the matter back to the Principal, Heads and teaching staff unless it is a matter of policy that properly falls within the remit of the Board.

General enquiries relating to policy matters can be addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The current Chairman is Shay Razon, and his contact email address is suggestions@carmel.edu.hk