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Our Facilities

Carmel School Association is spread across three campuses on Hong Kong Island: the Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre is located in the Jewish Community Centre on Robinson Road, Mid-Levels; Carmel Elementary and Preschool is located on Borrett Road, Mid-Levels; and Elsa High School is located in Shau Kei Wan on the east of Hong Kong Island.


For the addresses of the schools, please visit Contact Us.


Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre Facilities

Located in the Jewish Community Centre on Robinson Road, the facilities at the Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre include:

  • Indoor heated pool
  • Indoor jungle gym
  • Indoor climbing frames
  • Outdoor jungle gym and playground
  • Multiplay area


Elementary Campus Facilities

Located on Borrett Road in Mid Levels, the facilities at Carmel Elementary School include:

  • Outdoor playground and jungle gym
  • Community garden
  • Indoor play area
  • Library
  • Dedicated music facilities
  • The Patricia Creative Centre - a specialist art facility
  • Multi-purpose sport hall
  • ICT, Coding and Programming zone
  • Dedicated Special Educational Needs (SEN) room


Elsa High School Campus Facilities

Carmel's High School campus is dedicated to Elsa Strauss (nee Wolf), born in Switzerland in 1895. When she was a young girl of eleven, her father passed away suddenly. Her Mother had to go and work in the small family shop to support the family and so Elsa, as the oldest child, was required to stay home and look after her younger sisters.

As a young woman, she married a doctor, Moses Strauss, and moved to his home town of Heilbronn in Southern Germany. This was during the 1930's and, like all Jews living in Germany at the time, Elsa suffered terrible persecution under the Nazis. The family fled Germany just before the Holocaust and survived the war in Liechtenstein with their three children. After the war she moved back to Switzerland and was blessed with a happy and protected life together with her husband, their three children and twelve grandchildren.

Elsa was an intelligent, generous, exceptionally kind and caring woman who went out of her way to be friendly and helpful to others. She always had a positive attitude and put on a smiling face regardless of her own personal situation and circumstances. Elsa was an observant woman, extremely proud of her Jewish tradition, and felt part of the wider Jewish community. She respected every Jew as an individual regardless of their background and level of observance.

Located in Shau Kei Wan on the east of Hong Kong Island, the facilities at Elsa High School include:

  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • STEAM Makerspace
  • Science Laboratories
  • Art and Design rooms
  • Black Box theater
  • Library
  • Hebrew Library
  • 500-seat multi-purpose auditorium
  • All-weather astro-turf pitch
  • Fitness room
  • Conference room