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Our Faculty

Carmel School Association has a dedicated and highly qualified faculty from many different countries around the world. To read about our teachers' credentials, expertise and interests, please click on the relevant campus.

Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre

Annabel Baillie

Annabel is the Pre-School Coordinator and Nursery A Teacher. Originally from Gloucestershire in England, she has the NNEB qualification (Diploma in Early Childhood Education) and a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Professional Studies in Playwork from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. She arrived in Hong Kong in 2000, and has been teaching a nursery class at Carmel since August 2006. In her free time, Annabel enjoys playing field hockey, swimming.

Jasmin Edelman Brinker

Jasmin is the Ganeynu Y teacher. She Moved to Hong Kong from Israel in 2013. She holds a BA in textiles from shankar college of engineering, where she graduated with honors. She has experience working with kids, as a camp counselor, as well as having two boys of her own.

Manika Daswani

Manika Daswani is the Nursery M teacher. Originally Indian by descent, Manika is the third generation to be born and raised in Hong Kong.Having completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Exeter, Manika worked in the Fashion Industry as a Stylist before realising her passion for educating young children. She went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sunderland, and has been teaching ever since. This is Manika’s first year at Carmel School and is enjoying every minute of it! In Manika’s spare time, she enjoys to travel, attend barre classes and continue to express her creativity through fashion and cooking.

Shoshana Domnitz

Shoshana has been teaching Jewish Studies at the Pre-School since 2011. Originally from London, Shoshana moved to Hong Kong in 2010, and is married with four children, all of whom attend Carmel School. Before coming to Hong Kong, Shoshana completed a Social Science degree and worked with teens at risk in the UK. Shoshana is a passionate educator, and believes in giving all Jewish children a strong Jewish identity, as well as a love and joy for learning. Shoshana loves spending time with her family, travelling, baking, and is an avid reader.

Carly Dorfman

Carly has taught Tzutzik since 2012. Having done a Masters of Education with a speciality in Inclusive and Special Education, Carly has experienced teaching all sorts of age groups and enjoys working especially with the early learners. Outside of school, Carly teaches yoga, likes to go hiking and occasionally gets involved in theatre productions.

Stephanie Julian

Steph Julian is the Pre-K-S teacher. Originally from Australia, she spent many years of her childhood in Hong Kong. Steph has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from Queensland University of Technology, as well as a Diploma of Children Services. Steph has been teaching in kindergartens in Hong Kong for the past seven years, including experience working in bilingual education. Steph is a passionate early years teacher, and aims for a classroom. This is her first year working at Carmel School, and she thoroughly enjoys learning about the Jewish religion and practices. In Steph’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her young family, especially exploring the great outdoors.

Helen Rapaport

Helen is originally from HK. She converted to Judaism and is married to an Israeli. Together they have three children who are studying at Carmel School. Helen got her Bachelor (Hons.) Degree from HKU, and is continuing her studies to become a Professional Mandarin Teacher. This is her second year full time teaching Tzutzik .She is full of passion and patience with the little ones and enjoys her class.

Hagit Razon

Hagit is the Ganeynu coordinator and Ganeynu H Teacher. Originally from Israel, she has a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business management from Haifa University, and qualification from IVE Hong Kong (a diploma in Early Childhood Education 0–3 years). Hagit has been living in HK since June 2000, and has been teaching in Tzutzik and Ganeynu classes at Carmel from there on. Hagit is a mother of four children; all whom were and are Carmel students. Two of her children graduated Carmel Elsa High school, and are now studying in the Technion in Israel. Hagit is dedicated and loyal teacher.

Melissa Lavi

Melissa Lavi is a teacher in Ganeynu. She is originally from the UK, but spent eight years in Israel and the last 26 years in Hong Kong. Melissa has been teaching at Carmel for the last 18 years. Her eldest son recently graduated Elsa High School, having spent his complete schooling experience at Carmel, starting in Tzutzik at a year and a half old. Her other two children have also enjoyed many years in the Carmel family and her youngest son is currently in Grade 10. Melissa enjoys travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Adele Pieper

Adele is our Pre-K teacher. Originally from the UK, Adele came to Hong Kong when she was five years old. Adele is an early years professional with 26 years experience in the field, of which 15 have been teaching at Carmel. She is passionate about teaching the world's future superstars! Outside of teaching, Adele loves spending time with her son, travelling, exploring, dancing, working out and meeting new people.

Vivian Wong

Vivian Wong is our Mandarin teacher from China. She has worked at Carmel for four years. She got her Bachelor degree in Fu Zhou University in China. She has seven years' experience in teaching Mandarin in international schools. She loves kids and loves her job.

Carmel Elementary School

Amanda Choi

Amanda Choi is our Mandarin teacher and also a qualified registered teacher in Hong Kong. Amanda was born in Guangdong province, and moved to Hong Kong during secondary school. She got her Bachelor degree from City University of Hong Kong, and her PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education) and Master Degree of Education (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) from the University of Hong Kong. Before Amanda came to Carmel, she worked in ISF Academy for over three years. She loves teaching Mandarin in Carmel and enjoys learning about Jewish culture in this warm and kind community.

Jeffrey-Dean Cain

J-D is one of our PYP Coordinators and our Grade 3 teacher. He is originally from Sault Ste. Marie in Northern Ontario, Canada. He arrived in Hong Kong in 2001 and has worked as an upper primary teacher for his entire career. For the past 11 years, J-D has been teaching the PYP and is excited to be a part of a growing Carmel Elementary School PYP programme. When he is not teaching, he loves to play golf, travel and spend time with his wife hiking the trails of Hong Kong.

Valerie Kirchner

Valerie was born in Chesterfield, England and moved to South Africa, with her family, at the age of 13. She is a qualified specialist teacher and a registered Educational Psychologist. She has worked in the school environment as a classroom teacher, a SEN/Remedial teacher and as an Educational Psychologist for the past 25 years. Valerie recently earned a qualification as Clinical Nutrition Therapist.

She has been the TLC co-ordinator at Carmel school since August 2017. Valerie is passionate about working with children, teachers and parents in order to provide an optimal support structure for all parties. During her free time, Valerie enjoys physical activity, being out in nature, travelling, cooking, reading and studying.

Robynne Esther

Robynne is from Cape Town, South Africa, and attended United Herzlia School receiving a full Jewish education. Before her teaching career began she qualified as a certificate Chef Cordon Bleu and started up a home based baking company in Cape Town, catering for weddings and engagements. She was working part time for a Jewish school as an aftercare coordinator and was offered a bursary to study teaching which she took and specialised in early childhood. After hours she combined her love for teaching and baking by running baking classes for kids and landed herself in Child Magazine for top childrens parties in Cape Town. Robynne was also a part time barista and baked for a trendy cafe in Cape Town. She moved to Hong Kong when a local international school offered to bring her over to Hong Kong where she then taught for a year. Robynne made the move to Carmel school wanting to feed into her Jewish heritage and is now in her 4th year at Carmel teaching Kindergarten.

Andrea Edwards

Andrea is from Canada and knew at a young age she wanted to be the kind of teacher who helped children feel appreciated, engaged and empowered. She attended the University of Manitoba for a five year program in the faculty of education. She also completed an ESL Diploma, Post Bachelorette, specializing in teaching English as a Second Language including Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation, Second Language Teaching and Cross Cultural Education. She completed a Masters in Educational Technology through Michigan State University at their Leysin, Switzerland and Plymouth, England campuses. Andrea worked as a fourth grade teacher in Canada from 1996-1998 before moving to Hong Kong. She taught grades 3-6, Kindergarten and Prep at CDNIS from 1998-2015, serving as a team leader, math committee leader and helping to plan the school’s first PYP exhibition. She was a maternity cover teacher at ISF and HKIS for Grades 5 and 7 from 2015-2016 Andrea has enjoyed being trained in many PYP courses and workshops, and is a big believer in inquiry based teaching and learning. In her free time, Andrea loves to travel with her family, hike, dive, read and share meals with friends.

Carmen Leung

Carmen was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and has worked as a Kindergarten teacher at Carmel for three years. Prior to this experience, she worked in Switzerland as an ESL teacher for students in Grades 1-10 and worked with Kindergarten students for two years in Toronto. Carmen graduated from the Concurrent Education Program at Queen’s University, with additional qualifications in English as a Second Language, Special Education, and Kindergarten. Having experienced all areas of the arts throughout her own education, she is passionate about the performing arts and strives to incorporate dance, music, art, and drama in her teaching whenever possible. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys calligraphy, dance, and finding new coffee shops around Hong Kong.

Joe Hastings

Having spent part of his youth growing up in Hong Kong, Joe returned to his native UK to pursue an education in Multimedia Technology and Design at Brunel University. Soon after, he was back in Hong Kong producing video and printed media for a variety of companies, including an educational drama production that stole his heart. Before long, he was participating in the teaching as much as the technology production, and has continued ever since to pursue a career blending his background in ICT with his love of working with children. In his free time, he is a keen musician, scuba diver and an avid player of exceptionally nerdy board games.

Michael Jack

Michael was born Auckland, New Zealand and raised in Hong Kong from an early age. For the past 5 years he has worked at a number of International Schools in Hong Kong, teaching Kindergarten through to Grade 5, as well as Visual Arts. Michael is passionate about environmental education and sustainability and finds ways to incorporate this through the Primary Years Programme. Outside of teaching, he enjoys playing music, spending time with family and walking his dog, Charlie. Michael holds a Bachelor of Business Management, a post-graduate Certificate in Education, a post-graduate Diploma in Energy & the Environment and a Masters of Environmental Science. He is currently completing his Masters in Special and Inclusive Education and enjoys the challenge of working with younger age groups, supporting learning through an authentic, inquiry driven approach.

Maggie Kwok

Maggie is our ICT facilitator and head of ICT at the Elementary School. Maggie earned her Master of Electronic and Information Engineering degree with distinction from PolyU, a Master of Business Administration from CUHK, and a Master of IT Education from HKU. She is married and has a 12-year old daughter. She was a product development manager in PCCW and Hutchison Telecom before joining Faculty of Education of HKU as a research team member. Maggie is a believer in technology education for nurturing creativity and innovation. She is currently studying for a Doctor of Education degree at HKU. She is the co-author of the book Nurturing the Digital Generation: A Participatory Approach, published in 2015 by the Centre for Information Technology in Education, University of Hong Kong.

Simon Skinner

Simon, from Portsmouth, England, is in his seventh year of teaching Grade 5 at Carmel and is now part of the Elsa High School campus. Simon has lived in Hong Kong for eight years and prior to working at Carmel, he worked at Halterworth Primary School in Romsey. Simon completed his degree in Psychology at Southampton Solent University, his teacher training at Reading University and completed his Masters in Education at the University of Hong Kong, for which he received a distinction. Simon is now the upper elementary coordinator and continues to fulfil his duties as Grade 5 teacher. Simon spends a lot of his time playing and watching sport; he is a Portsmouth fan and tries to watch the England cricket team as much as possible. Simon is married and has a young daughter.

Amber Shannon

Amber is from Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to Hong Kong in 2014 where her teaching career began. For the past four years she has been teaching in a number of International Schools in Hong Kong, teaching both Kindergarten and Primary years. Amber holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Management and is currently working towards her Post Graduate in Education. In her spare time, Amber enjoys travelling, scuba diving and photography.

Susan Whaley

Susan is part of our TLC team, working mainly with our EAL students. With a degree in both teaching (BA; Dip. Ed) and speech-language pathology (MSc), Susan has had substantial work experience in both fields, in several countries. To Susan, motivating children to learn is a most rewarding profession. Every day at Carmel brings a new learning experience and each individual child has many unique gifts to share.pursuits. An African girl, Susan is passionate about nature and loves hiking, swimming, reading, yoga and creative

Julia White

Julia was born in the UK, but raised in Australia. Like a lot of her students, she spent many years living overseas and returned often to Melbourne, to family and friends. In 1991, Julia started teaching internationally, first in Shanghai, China where she spent nearly six years, before moving to Germany and then back to Melbourne. The wanderlust again took hold, and Julia moved to Thailand, spending five years at NIST in Bangkok. 19 years after her international adventure began, she returned to her old school in Shanghai and assisted with their PYP and PYP accreditation. Julia and her family made the very exciting move to Hong Kong this year.

Julia has taught Art to students from preschool to the seniors in secondary school. She is a practicing artist, who achieved my B.Ed (Visual Arts) from Melbourne University in Australia. Julia is currently endeavouring to finish the artwork for the book I started for her five year old son, Kit and has a number of portrait commissions underway. She looks forward to working with our creative students, guiding their development, inquiry and introducing them to new artists and techniques.

Chen Wu

Chen is our Mandarin teacher who comes from Hangzhou, China. She got her Bachelor degree from East China Normal University in Shanghai, and got her Master’s degree as distinguished graduate from Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. She worked in international schools in China and in the Netherlands as an intern during her studies. Carmel is the first school she has taught at since graduating. She has learned a lot about Jewish culture in her years at Carmel. She loves the school, and enjoys teaching students Mandarin everyday.

Vincent Wong

Vincent was born and raised in Hong Kong. He went to the U.S. as an exchange student and got his Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Vincent decided to pursue his career in Hong Kong and he has just completed his Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. This is Vincent’s first year at Carmel and he is enjoying working with all the teachers and students here! Vincent is also a football coach and his favorite team is Liverpool.

Marcelle Wosner

Marcelle is a UK qualified primary school teacher who taught in a Jewish primary school in London. She is now excited to be joining the Carmel family working in the library. She hopes to inspire our children to acquire a passion for reading and to open up the unlimited world of literature.

Nicole Stroud

Nicole was born in the United States and raised in Hong Kong from an early age. Since 2010 she has been working at a number of local and international schools in Hong Kong. Nicole has taught Kindergarten through to Middle School and is currently teaching Grade 2 at Carmel. She completed her teaching qualification at The University of Hong Kong and received her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology at City University of Hong Kong. From a young age, Nicole has had a keen interest in Psychology. She is passionate about using her background in psychology to help all students reach their full potential in all areas of life. Nicole is a firm believer in emotional and mental health. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Counselling, to gain extra skills, knowledge and strategies to support students social, emotional well-being.

Elsa High School

Dan Bartholomew

Dan teaches MYP English, IBDP English Language & Literature and Theory of Knowledge. Originally from the United Kingdom, Dan completed his BA in English at the University of Cambridge, and shortly afterwards moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in extra-curricular education. During this time, Dan completed an M.Ed at the University of Hong Kong. This experience galvanized his resolve to formally train as a teacher, and this led him to briefly return to the UK to qualify on-the-job at a school in West London, earning a PGCE from the Goldsmiths University. Now back in his adoptive home, Dan likes to wile away hours getting lost around Hong Kong, taking photos as he goes.

David Bian

David teaches MYP and DP Mathematics and had also taught Mandarin at Elsa High School. Originally from China, David obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Peking University and received his M.Ed. and PGDE from HKIED and HKU respectively. David regards mathematics as language, as the language of nature and as a form of art, and he aims to convey his passion for the subject to his students so that they can appreciate mathematics from multiple perspectives. David has broad interests, including music, eLearning and nanotechnology, as well as swimming with his 4-year-old daughter during weekends.

Paul Bibby

Paul is our Mathematics Coordinator and teaches MYP and IB Mathematics. He was born in Hong Kong and went on to complete his BSc in Computational Mathematics at the University of Reading. He has also completed his PGDE and MEd at the University of Hong Kong, certified by the IBO, specialising in the teaching of Mathematics in an International Context. Having been a Mathematics teacher for 8 years, he continues to find fascination in drawing links between patterns and numbers. Outside of school, Paul enjoys playing football and exploring the countryside of Hong Kong.

James Chan

James teaches MYP Art and is running the Art Attack CCA program. He has lived in both Hong Kong and Canada and completed his B.Ed. and B.A. in Visual Arts at Lakehead University. James is enthusiastic about all things visual art, including drawing, ceramics, digital and more. He hopes to share this enthusiasm and appreciation of the arts with his students at Carmel.

Sophia Cheng

Sophia is our MYP and DP Mathematics and DP Economics teacher. Originally from Mainland China, Sophia came to Hong Kong in 2011 to complete her Masters in Economics at the University of Hong Kong. Inspired by Marva Collins, a great American educator, Sophia started her teaching in 2012 as a teacher at an international tuition centre, and gained experience in teaching mathematics, economics and marketing for IB, IGCSE and A-Levels. Seeing teaching at school as a calling, Sophia joined Elsa in 2015 with the objective of contributing to students’ academic excellence and inspiring students to become confident, caring and responsible. Besides teaching, Sophia is also passionate about playing guitar, travelling, swimming and reading.

Diarmuid Cunningham

Diarmuid is our Librarian and EAL teacher. He hails from the west of Ireland but got bitten by the education bug in Sydney in 1999 while working in Human Resources as a workplace trainer. He made the move into teaching in Dublin and, when qualified, made the move to the sunnier climes of Italy. Since then he has had a diverse and informative experience in education: teaching in state schools in Rome, working as a bilingual teacher, librarian, ICT coordinator and teacher trainer at the British Council in Paris and teaching at a French kindergarten in Hong Kong. Diarmuid lives at the top of a big hill on Lamma with his wife and two children. He loves travelling and meeting new people, follows football closely and has a passion for historical novels and la cucina italiana.

Kyle Ford

Kyle is our Director of Academic Affairs, Head of College and Careers, and Director of Art and Design Studies.. An internationally published and exhibited educator and artist, he holds an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design and a BS from Skidmore College in New York. Kyle has diverse experience in art education. From Secondary to University, he has served as dean of an international art university, a professor of art at an American liberal arts college and an art teacher at a private secondary school. His work has been featured in museums, galleries and publications throughout the globe, including the RISD Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts at FSU, WIRED magazine, Elle Men China, Newsweek Japan, Daniel Cooney Fine Art in NYC.

Virginie Fosseprez

Virginie is our French teacher for MYP (language acquisition) and DP (Ab initio and French A). She was born in Brussels, Belgium, and has a Master in Romanic Languages and Literature, as well as a PGCE from Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). She taught French literature for 9 years in a secondary school in Brussels, and French as a foreign language for 5 years. She moved to Hong Kong in 2013 to follow her passion for travelling and learning about other ways to teach. Virginie is passionate about literature and likes to share it with her students: it allows people to discover other cultures, other eras, other ways to think and to react. During her spare time, she likes to read, learn new languages, dance and explore.

Meina Gao

Meina is our Head of Mandarin, and teaches MYP and DP Mandarin (Language Acquisition) and DP Chinese (Language and Literature). Meina was born in China and studied and worked in Sweden, the United States and Australia for about 10 years before coming to Hong Kong in 2000. Meina joined Elsa High School during 2011, after teaching Mandarin at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong for 7 years. Her teaching philosophy is to promote positive learning and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Meina likes to read, do yoga and jog during her spare time.

Joanna Gauthier

Joanna is our Learning Enhancement and Middle Years Programme Coordinator. She was born and raised in Surrey, England. When her children started primary school, she worked as a teaching assistant in a secondary school and this inspired her to study for a BA (Hons) Degree in Learning and Teaching and to qualify as a teacher. She then taught mainly English, as well some History and Religious Education, in a secondary school. Once her children left for university, her husband persuaded her to move to Hong Kong to teach for a year. That was six years ago and they are still here! In January 2017, she completed an M.Ed in Leading Learning and Teaching at University of Dundee and an IB Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning Research. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling with her husband and reading historical novels. Her favourite place is Creuse in France as she loves rivers, lakes and the countryside.

Lloyd Gravett

Lloyd is our Head of Science, DP Physics, DP Chemistry and MYP Science teacher. He is also the Director of the schools Robotics Program. He arrived in Hong Kong in 2012 from South Africa, where he served at Maritzburg College, one of South Africa’s oldest and most prominent private schools, for just over five years. Lloyd studied veterinary science at Pretoria University in the country's capital; however, after two years, he decided to focus on teaching, completing his Bachelor of Education with specialization in the natural sciences. After completing a contract at the American International School in Kowloon Tong, Lloyd joined us in August 2013 and has enjoyed the challenge of working in one of the most culturally diverse school environments in Hong Kong. On weekends, Lloyd can be found enjoying the sun and playing or watching sport.

Roshan Julian

Roshan is our Director of Experiential Learning and he has been teaching at Carmel for the last four years. He oversees, Physical and Health Education, Athletics, Service as Action, Co-Curricular Activities, Educational Visits as well as the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) in the IB Diploma Programme. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he studied B.Sc. (Hons) Sports and Leisure Management at Sheffield Hallam University, completed his PE teacher training at Chichester University and spent four years teaching PE in the south of England, during which time he completed a range of sports coaching and refereeing qualifications. Roshan is passionate about teaching PHE and sports development, and you can find him encouraging the best from Carmel School Elementary and Elsa High School students throughout the week. In his spare time, Roshan enjoys playing rugby, sailing and exploring the outdoors.

Barry Lawrensen

Barry is Head of STEAM Based Initiatives and Teacher of MYP Design. Barry has a M.A. in Education from Simpson University in California and a M.A. in Digital Media Communications from Regent University in Virginia. Barry is from Iowa, USA, and has taught in international schools in Germany, South Korea, and Hong Kong, as well as University courses in the USA. Barry enjoys creative applications of technology, and is delighted to lead Elsa with project-based learning in the school's MakerSpace.

Avishag Leibovitz

Avishag is our Modern Hebrew Coordinator. She was brought up in Efrat near Jerusalem, and has a B.Ed from Tel Aviv University, a B.A. from Bar Ilan University, and an MA from Tel Aviv University. She has worked as an Education Officer in the IDF, teaching Hebrew to new Olim students, and has taught for seven years in high schools in Bet Shemesh and Bat Yam. Avishag has been teaching in Elsa for three years and aims not only to help students achieve excellent results in Hebrew, but also to bring a bit of Israeli atmosphere to the school. When not teaching, Avishag is busy raising her three children, getting involved in the Jewish community and reading.

Celia Leung

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Celia joined the Carmel family in 2012 as a choir consultant to the Elementary School. From December 2015, she started coaching the Elsa High School Choir and, last year, led 30 students in singing the Israeli and Chinese National Anthems during an Israeli Independence Day celebration. Celia, who studied music at the University of Hong Kong and who is also a pianist, has been a choir conductor since she was just 12 years old. She is currently the Choirmaster for the Elsa High School Choir, as well as in a few other local and international schools. She also runs two adult singing ensembles in the evenings. She thinks that shopping for music is more exciting than for shopping dresses.

Barak Leibovitz

Barak is one of our Modern Hebrew and Jewish Studies teachers. He studied in the Qiryat Shmona Hesder Yeshiva and served as a combat soldier in the Givati infantry unit. After his service, he worked as a Bnei Akiva Shaliach in Manchester, where he taught Hebrew to children and college students. Barak has a B.A. and an M.A. in Politics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and has been teaching Hebrew and Jewish studies in Elsa for three years. Barak is passionate about offering our students both old and new Jewish Israeli heritage, culture and values. When not teaching, Barak (tries to) help his wife raise their three kids, and is involved in the Jewish community.

Jonathan Ma

Jonathan teaches MYP Mathematics, MYP Science and DP Biology. He obtained his B.Sc. in Human Genetics from University College London and his M.Sc. from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He worked in liver cancer research for pharmaceuticals in the Science Park, before deciding to switch professions and study for his PGDE at HKU. After completing a contract with Shatin College, Jonathan joined Elsa High School in August 2016. His main teaching philosophy is relevance: making sure all content is applicable to current scientific advances and inventions. He enjoys slacklining, climbing and hiking in the Hong Kong countryside in his spare time.

David Russell

David has been a knowledgeable and caring educator since his early days as a Computer Science teacher, and later, founding principal in a high school for students with exceptional needs. His passion in teaching and speaking also expanded to the commercial world where he engaged in seminars and conferences in the private sector and in collaboration with the local chamber of commerce. Since he arrived in HK, David has become an experienced and effective IB educator, working with students with diverse educational needs to achieve remarkable results. As a life-long learner David is sitting for his ACCA exams, when he is not occupied by his two young boys. David teaches Humanities, Economics & Computer Science, and coordinates Extended Essays.

Rian Stone

Rian is from Stellenbosch (near Cape Town), in South Africa. Rian completed his Bachelors of Science in 2013 and his Post Graduate Certificate of Education in 2014 at Stellenbosch University. He is currently completing a postgraduate honours degree in Psychology through the University of South Africa. Following graduation, he taught for four years at Somerset College High School (Grades 8 to 12), before arriving at Elsa High School in August 2018. Rian is currently teaching MYP Mathematics and Science, DP Environmental Studies and DP Physical Education. Rian is an energetic young teacher who has a passion for teaching. He believes in the importance of creating links between different subject areas and creating a space where students can not only learn subject but also gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Outside of teaching, Rian enjoys sport, hiking, flims and philosophical inquiries.

Samuel Wappel

Samuel is our MYP Individuals and Societies and DP History teacher. He was born and raised in Maryland in the United States and previously lived and taught in South Korea. He has a B.A. in Western European History and a M.Ed. in Secondary Social Studies Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has harboured a lifelong interest in history and politics and enjoys the inspiration that comes from discussion and exploration with students of all ages. Samuel believes in the power of creating lifelong learners who question and inquire about the world around them long after they’ve left the classroom. He enjoys reading, writing, photography and board games.

Nick Webber

Nick is our DP Coordinator, Head of English, and MYP Language and Literature and DP Literature teacher. Originally from Suffolk in the UK, Nick came to Hong Kong in 2008 to work in educational publishing for Pearson Education and the BBC, as well to complete his Ph.D. in English literature at the University of Hong Kong. Nick is passionate about teaching English because of the ways in which the subject fosters a lifelong curiosity in the world around us, prompting both students and teachers alike to ask and answer perceptive questions about meaning, context, creativity and perspective. Outside of teaching, Nick enjoys writing, film photography, chess, and feeling guilty about not going to the gym.

Kevin Yau

Kevin is our DP Physics & Chemistry and MYP Science teacher. He was born and raised in Hong Kong, studying Chemistry for his undergraduate degree, before going on to study his M.Phil. in Nano Science and Technology and Ph.D. in Chemistry at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He continued to work at the university as a teaching associate before joining Elsa as a Science Teacher. Kevin is a passionate scientist who aims to foster inquiry based and knowledge equipped learning environment. He applies his research skills in promoting STEAM initiatives at Elsa. Outside of school, Kevin enjoys travelling and photography during the holidays.

Yan Lau

Yan is our Mandarin teacher. Yan completed her M.Ed in teaching Chinese as a second language at the Beijing Language and Culture University, and now continuing her doctoral research at the University of Bristol. Yan has experienced teaching PYP Mandarin at international schools in Hong Kong. She also has taught high school and university students while she joined an educational internship program in Israel. Yan believes every student is unique. She is passionate about inspiring students to discover their own potential. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and exploring different culture in the world.

Janice Town

Janice is our DP Sports Science and Psychology teacher. She was born and raised in Hong Kong where she studied Psychology for her undergrad then went on to study her Med in Sports Science and Physical Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Janice continued to complete her PGCE with the University of Sunderland and started her career as a teacher at Carmel. She has a lot of passion for sports and believes the well-being of students comes from educating the benefits of an active lifestyle and a healthy mind. Outside of school, Janice is also a risk-taker and loves to travel to exotic places to experience the different cultures. She also enjoys working out, playing volleyball and water sports in her own time.

Judy Wei

Judy is our MYP and DP Chinese teacher. Before came to Hong Kong, she taught University students in China. She completed her Master Degrees in Linguistics and Sociology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008. Before working at Elsa, she taught Chinese at local schools for several years in Hong Kong. She likes to learn Jewish culture and loves the students. She hopes to inspire students’ learning interest in Mandarin.