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Our Students

Carmel School comprises over 400 students aged 1-18 from countries all over the world. It is in part this international community and thriving cultural exchange that makes Carmel School such an exciting institution to study at.

To be a student at Carmel School means to be a vibrant, enthusiastic and inquiring learner, unafraid to be courageous, and dedicated to self-development. It means to be:

  • someone unique, a person with a hidden talent that's just waiting to flourish
  • an individual respectful of tradition, of history, someone with an open and inquisitive mind, an explorer of cultural difference, someone with a desire to see the world
  • a student cared for by committed and passionate teachers, in a school environment designed for 21st-century learning.

School Life

School life at Carmel is always a lively mix of academics, school events and trips, guest speakers, sports and co-curricular activities, as well as Judaic tradition and religious observance. Carmel frequently has the privilege of hosting renowned international speakers and performers, giving our students exposure to enriching and unique perspectives from all around the world.

Importantly, so much of what happens at Carmel remains student-led and run. Elsa High School has an active and committed Student Council who assist in organising a variety of exciting events throughout the year, and our House Captains and Vice Captains — for the three Houses, Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel-Aviv — help to ensure a healthy competitive spirit runs throughout the school, and especially so during Inter-House sports and academic events, and the annual Sports Days.

Service Learning

Carmel School believes that education should extend beyond the intellectual to include both socially responsible attitudes and thoughtful and appropriate action. Across all three campuses, there is an attention to service, both within and beyond the school community, since it is through such service that students are able to ground their knowledge in real-world experience and develop both personally and socially, as well as demonstrate the attributes of the IB learner profile.

Whether it takes the form of Action in the PYP curriculum, Service as Action in the MYP curriculum, Community, Activity, Service in the DP curriculum, or any other project embarked on by Carmel students, the role of service learning is always front and centre. Every year, students across Carmel are involved in the design and organisation of a variety of community and/or charity based enterprises, and it is through such action that our community of students develops meaningful connections across the world.

Our Educational Visits to Cambodia, Israel, Poland, Shanghai, Spain, Sri Lanka, Yangshuo (and many more locations) have as their core component a commitment to service, and to always leaving a place better off than when we arrived.