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Weather Policy

When adverse weather affects Hong Kong the following arrangements apply. Please review these procedures carefully. The guidelines below are in accordance with EDB weather guidance. For the latest weather information please visit the HK Observatory website.

Typhoon Signals


Action to be taken

Signal No.1 in effect

All three Carmel School campuses operate as usual.

Signal No. 3 in effect

Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre (JCC L3, L4 and ELC) to suspend class. Carmel Elementary and Elsa High School campuses to operate as usual unless advised otherwise.

Signal No. 8 or above in effect

All campuses to suspend all classes.

Signal lowered to No.3

All classes remain suspended. 
Signal lowered to No.1 or below before 10:30am ELC (PM session) will resume from the next PM session. Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre (L3 and L4), and Carmel Elementary, and Elsa High School classes resume the following day.
Signal lowered to No.1 or below after 10:30am

All classes remain suspended.


Amber/Red/Black Rainstorm Warnings

Rainstorm Warning Signal

Action to be taken


All classes, including Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre, operate as usual.

Red or Black before school starts

All campuses to suspend all classes.
Red or Black when students may have already set out for school
  • All campuses to suspend all classes.
  • School premises will be open and staffed until arrangements are made for arriving students to return home at an appropriate time.  
Red or Black when classes are in session
  • School continues until the end of normal school hours and conditions are safe for students to return home.
  • Please note that students cannot be dismissed without parental consent or presence whilst the Red or Black rainstorm signal is in force.


Wet Day/Hot Day/Poor Air Quality Plans

In case of wet weather, extreme heat, or if the government announces a very high pollution index, indoor recess(es) will take place. Indoor activities will be made available for the students.