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Co Curricular Activities

The CCA programmes educate learners through the values of Carmel School and the International Baccalaureate. The programme aims to develop lifelong learners, inquiring, knowledgeable and caring global citizens of the community, who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intellectual understanding and respect.

Elementary activities run from Monday to Thursday and include a range of sports, arts and crafts, logic and programming and dance activities. Facilitated by either in-house and external providers, our programme is tailor-made to complement the PYP framework.

Kindergarten - Grade 3 Options


Creative Kids Club (Grade K - Grade 3)

We have almost concluded a very successful first semester of this new club and would love to bring it back for a second semester. Participants will continue to learn international-mindedness in the arts via a variety of mixed media, 2D and 3D art skills, making, exploring, and experimenting. Playful opportunities for creative expression based on STEAM art and crafts  continue to be provided with the goal of developing students’ abilities as artists and designers.


Chess Club (Grade K - Grade 3)

Continues to be run by Scholastic Chess with instructors who are World Chess Federation Certified Chess Instructors, this weekly club seeks to bring the personal, societal, and academic benefits of playing chess to our students of Carmel, while promoting international chess in Hong Kong. It will cater to students of all levels - from beginners to keen enthusiasts. 

Mandarin for Native Speakers (Grade 1 - Grade 3)

This new activity is exclusively for Grade 1-3 Mandarin native speakers. This class offers a fun and interactive journey into the world of Chinese characters. Tailored for younger learners, the programme covers the basics of structure, radicals, and character transformations, providing a solid foundation for further language development. Through engaging activities and games, the children will embark on a delightful exploration that not only enhances their reading and writing skills but also deepens their cultural understanding. Learning Mandarin can and should be a fun adventure, and in this club our Mandarin Team will use  activities designed to make language practise both effective and enjoyable.

Introduction to French (Grade 2 + Grade 3)

Our second new language club is exclusively tailored for Grade 2 and 3 students, and is run by Cécile Parisot, the founder of You Already Speak French This engaging after-school programme introduces monthly themes and is centred around a communicative approach to language learning, covering basics like greetings, introducing yourself, family members, and even celebrities.. The curriculum expands to encompass school-related topics such as familiar classroom objects, progressing to subjects like school schedules and discussing favourite animals. Through interactive tools like games, role-play, videos, books, and posters, this club creates a vibrant and enjoyable environment for young learners to discover the beauty of the French language and culture.


Athletics (Grade 3 only)

To develop on the skills and endurance trained in the first semester’s Cross-Country CCA, we are offering this new activity in the second semester. Students will have the opportunity to further develop their endurance skills, but will also be introduced to other track and field activities such as sprints, relays, and the javelin, among others. This club aims to nurture our students’ love for athleticism and physical fitness, and will provide a dynamic blend of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and a dash of healthy competition.

Capoeira (Grade K - Grade 3)

This popular club is run by Hong Kong School of Capoeira. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, and musicality, and is often referred to as a martial art disguised as a dance. Hong Kong School of Capoeira bases their courses on the foundations of Capoeira movements and music, as well as class etiquette and discipline. Learning Capoeira will bring numerous physical and mental health benefits such as cardio-vascular endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as increasing reflexes, self-confidence, and building a sense of community.

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