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IB DP Results 2022-23

We are delighted to share with you our excellent IB Diploma Results for the May 2023 session. This session saw a return to a pre-COVID-19 assessment model for the IB Diploma, with candidates taking a full suite of examinations in each subject. It has remained a turbulent two years for our Class of 2023, and we are delighted to report on the high-level attainment and personal achievement of our students.

The Class of 2023 achieved an excellent overall cohort average of 37.3 out of 45 points (after re-marks), with 33% of students achieving 40 points or more and 66% of students achieving 35 points or more. The cohort also received pleasing IB Core results, with 33% of students obtaining an "A" grade in their Extended Essays and 33% of students earning a maximum 3 out of 3 points for Core.

Principal Mrs. Rachel Friedmann: “Congratulations to the Class of 2023 - the first post-COVID graduating cohort to sit a full complement of examinations in all subjects. We are extremely proud of the personal achievement of every one of our graduating class: each student has faced and successfully overcome very specific challenges - and the support provided by Carmel School’s Elsa High School section faculty has been key in supporting our students in every aspect of their DP journey.”