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Graduate Offers and Destinations

Carmel School graduates produce consistently strong results across all curricular subjects. In the eleven years of graduating classes from Elsa High School, four of our students achieved perfect scores. Out of over 150,000 candidates worldwide annually, only 150-180 achieve a perfect score. Our graduating class of 2018 achieved an outstanding average score of 38, placing us 4th highest in Hong Kong.
The Class of 2023 achieved an excellent overall cohort average of 37.3 out of 45 points, with 33% of students achieving 40 points or more and 66% of students achieving 35 points or more. The cohort also received pleasing IB Core results, with 33% of students obtaining an “A” grade in their Extended Essays and 33% of students earning a maximum 3 out of 3 points for Core. These results placed us in the top 10 in Hong Kong and top 40 in the world.

The IB Diploma is recognised worldwide and our students have received offers from some of the top Universities and Tertiary Education Institutions from around the World. Our graduates attend Universities in the US and Canada, the UK, Israel, Hong Kong and Australia including: