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Design Challenge

Full STEAM Ahead At Carmel School!

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) are a part of our IB Approaches to Learning in the classroom as well as blended in transdisciplinary themes — encouraging creative thinking and problem solving. 

From the use of AI-powered technologies, to genetic engineering and modification, to technologies developed to combat climate change, Grades 6 to 10 are looking at Innovations that have changed life. Leading up to the three day whole-school Design Challenge, classes from across the disciplines are looking at technological innovations that have shaped our world.

What is the Design Challenge?

In the near future, we will be combining the technology of old and new to develop efficient and autonomous goods transport systems. Healthcare and medical emergencies are prioritised when it comes to rapid response in urban areas and it is critical that pharmaceutical products and medical devices are moved safely and rapidly to the places and people that need them most.

We are calling on you for submissions of designs that can be used as a transport network around Hong Kong. Help us create the future.

Elsa High Section’s annual Design Challenge took place in February, hand-in-hand with the Elementary and Preschool STEAM activities. Elsa students were tasked with designing, making, and pitching an airboat capable of navigating terrain to simulate delivery of rescue supplies. Unique to this year's challenge was access to First-Person-View (FPV) wireless cameras and head-worn displays, as well as the specification that their designs must use upcycled packaging materials as hull components. This technologically forward and eco-friendly approach encouraged innovative engineering and promoted sustainability.

Pre-K to Grade 5 participated in a challenge centered around disaster relief operations, in line with their High School peers. This engaging activity empowered students to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Student Reflections

My highlight of the week so far has been seeing our work culminate into a final product. Seeing our airboat being able to slip and slide on the track and float on water has been amazing. With all projects, seeing your vision finally come to life is an amazing feeling. Peter, Grade 9

We faced several challenges throughout the creation process, including our boat's design being too heavy or our presentation and pitch not being detailed enough. Our group took time to communicate and adequately assign roles to solve all of our problems, which helped us create a boat that we were proud of and brought us all closer together as a team. My personal highlight of the week was the first test of our boat, as the suspense and slight worry only made the boat's success in being able to move all the more exciting. Lili, Grade 10

Initially, we were all a little bit dumbfounded, since no one had a clue about Airboats. However, through discussing we figured out everyone’s strengths. I researched about the boat, and made a couple of sketches with my teammate, and we gave them to the others to build. Overall, we had a great balance between the building, researching and presenting part of the project. Trisha, Grade 9