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Early Learning Afternoon Programme

Our English and Chinese based afternoon early learning programme nurtures young children from as young as 12 months, helping them build their early learning skills, their emotional security and confidence and guiding them on how to build positive relationships.

The Carmel Early Learning Centre curriculum has been tailor designed and refined for close to three decades. Children are exposed to the magic of play-based learning, where they can thrive in a safe and stimulating environment designed to ignite their curiosity and unleash their full potential. Our approach encourages children to dive into a world of sensory exploration, tactile discoveries, and imaginative creations, engaging their senses and encouraging cognitive, fine motor and gross motor development.

Children as young as twelve months are under the supervision of our team of excellent early years' educators, providing every child with individual time and attention each day. Our immersion-based Mandarin programme offers even our youngest children the opportunity to develop their mandarin language skills daily. An extremely successful programme, it results in Mandarin acquisition through fun, songs, stories, games and dance.

Our small class setting and high teacher-to-student ratio ensure that the cognitive, personal and emotional needs of all children are catered to.

Our Learning Philosophy

Underlying all our learning and teaching, is a pedagogical understanding of how young learners learn best. Language development, communication through play and hands-on activities are the driving forces for shaping our future learners. At Carmel we provide a learning environment where all children feel loved, secure and safe. Children learn to have a voice while respecting each other and we focus on a whole-student approach to education. For us, each child and each child’s needs are unique.

We recognise that all children have the ability to succeed and that learners thrive when success is celebrated. Our young learners are given opportunities to engage in meaningful, play-based learning experiences through which they can discover, create, improvise and imagine.

Child Development

Our Early Learning Educators constantly focus on the development of key skills, attitudes and approaches. Our approach to teaching and learning is responsive to the strengths and interests and emerging development of each child and we work towards developing children that are social, empathetic, creative, healthy and active.

As we prepare the children for their continued educational journey, we focus on helping them become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, balanced and reflective.

We pride ourselves on instilling in even our youngest learners a sense of confidence. From their earliest days in our programme, we encourage our children to feel confident in their ability as learners. A safe environment ensures that they can try new things and make choices. Their innate curiosity is encouraged and opportunities for expression are created.

Play and learning as part of our curriculum are inseparable: we believe that inquiry-driven, structured and inventive play allows our learners to develop their individual identity, awareness of others and understanding of the world around them. We provide a beautiful and inviting environment based on modern design approaches to early learning. Our open-plan spaces allow the children to explore and experiment while feeling secure. Through "play corners" and "learning centres", children are encouraged to collaborate and to try activities.

Outdoor Play

Our playground has a mix of carefully crafted activities and resources to introduce play, learning to take ‘risks’ and adventure. This is the space where imaginations run wild and great stories are crafted. Our outdoor play areas allow the children to experiment and develop their gross motor skills while connecting with the outside. Children have the opportunity to run, ride and climb using the outdoor equipment and the large open spaces.

Indoor Play

Our tailor designed indoor play environments have an immediate effect on the quality of children’s learning and development. The play spaces are comfortable, and allow the children to explore and experiment in safe areas. The spaces are flexible and accommodate changing interests and needs, while offering immediate opportunities for the development of fine and gross motor development. On rainy Hong Kong days, the children can hone their skills on the gymboree equipment, working together with the teachers on their big muscle development.


Children learn to socialise and interact with one another through play and group work. Team collaboration and being kind towards each other are all fostered from this young age.