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Programme of Learning

Our curriculum blends playful discovery with teacher-guided experiences founded on the natural curiosities of children, educators, and families, shaping a learning journey visible in every moment of play and exploration.


As part of an accredited International Baccalaureate Continuum School, our Afternoon Early Learning Programme paves the way to a seamless transition into Carmel's Nursery, where the foundational stages of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) await. 

Focusing on nurturing the holistic development of toddlers through an immersive, play-based curriculum. Our primary medium of instruction is English, along with significant exposure to Mandarin to equip our young learners with the foundational language skills and broaden children’s cultural and linguistic understanding from an early age. 

Our play-based learning environment allows children to thrive as they explore, discover, and create. Embracing the power of messy play, our curriculum invites children into a world of sensory exploration and tactile discoveries, encouraging cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor development. Group activities and social interactions are integral, enabling children to form meaningful friendships and learn the importance of empathy as well as developing key skills such as collaboration and cooperation. 

Our Early Learning Program is the first step in a lifelong educational journey, setting the stage for future success and a deep, enduring love for learning. As our toddlers prepare to advance to Carmel's Nursery, they do so with a robust foundation not only in English and Mandarin but also equipped with the critical thinking, social, and emotional skills necessary for the IB PYP.

Programme of Learning