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Nursery and Pre Kindergarten

Our Pre K and Nursery programmes serves as a stepping stone to our Elementary programme, providing the foundation and framework for the transition to our other programmes.

Nursery (From 3-4 years old)

Our Nursery programme is the first step in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) learning journey, after which the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) will naturally follow. We believe that children learn best through play and inquiry at this stage. Play provides important opportunities for children to experiment, explore, discover and create. Children learn to socialise and interact with one another through play, and the need for group work, collaboration as well as learning to show kindness towards each other can be introduced and fostered from this young age. Teachers observe the strengths and areas of development for each child and tailor design their programme to meet individual needs.

In our Nursery programme, English serves as the medium of instruction. Additionally, Mandarin and Hebrew are taught as specific language subjects. Children receive three Mandarin lessons per week. These sessions are designed to introduce them to the language in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.

For students interested in learning other languages, they have the option to join the Extended Day Programme (EDP), where we offer Mandarin, Hebrew and French.

Pre Kindergarten (From 4-5 years old)

Our Pre-K class is thoughtfully designed to foster a love for learning, promote independence, and cultivate a solid foundation for future academic endeavors.  Through the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, we provide a child-centric approach that embraces inquiry-based learning, play, and hands-on exploration. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to reflect the developmental needs and interests of our 4-5-year-old learners. We strive to foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a lifelong love for learning while promoting collaboration and empathy. In our Pre-K  class, children engage in a wide range of stimulating activities that encourage their natural curiosity and creativity. From hands-on science experiments to storytelling, dramatic play, literacy and numeracy development, arts and crafts, music, and physical activities, we offer a diverse and stimulating learning experience that sparks imagination and supports holistic development.

Nursery and Pre Kindergarten