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Tzutzik and Ganeynu

Education during the early years is crucial for instilling a strong Jewish identity in children, ensuring the most suitable conditions for brain development and helping young children develop important interpersonal relationships. 

Tzutzik (From 1 to 2 years old)

Our Tzutzik class enjoys a varied, nurturing and play based teaching environment, with a focus on developing age-appropriate skills and socialisation. Our activities are designed to enhance each child’s senses, allowing them to develop a sense of independence in a safe and stimulating environment. In our varied daily activities the children's independence and language are enhanced as they learn to communicate with their peers and teachers and express themselves and their individual needs.

Ganeynu (Pre-Nursery) (From 2-3 years old)

We offer a rich and varied curriculum designed to stimulate all areas of early development and our nurturing environment provides a happy and exciting learning space for our children. Our programme explores a wide variety of exciting themes and we combine play-based learning with structured daily circle and story times in Hebrew and Chinese, encouraging healthy interaction between children, as they develop language and social skills. 

In addition, the children are exposed to the wonderful traditions, celebrations, and significant events observed in both the Hebrew and Chinese calendars. The programme incorporates the celebration of Jewish holidays, enabling the children to experience the warmth and spirituality that holds great importance within the community.

Jewish Life

We honour our history and our heritage by providing a rich and unique learning experience that values our traditions and culture. Through daily practice, the children gain a knowledge and understanding of the traditions, celebrations and milestones in the Hebrew calendar. Jewish holidays are celebrated, and through our Shabbat parties, children enjoy the warmth and spirituality so important to community. From a young age, children are taught to embrace the values of different mitzvot, tzedaka and kindness to others. Parents and caregivers are invited to join with us on this journey of early Jewish discovery.

Carmel School offers an International stream in our Elsa High School section, providing all students with the opportunity to study a third language (French or Hebrew). International and Main/Jewish streams are blended from Nursery and through Carmel Elementary section, meaning all students follow the same curriculum: students will study Hebrew as well as Jewish traditions, celebrations and customs as part of their curriculum. 

Tzutzik and Ganeynu