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Programme of Learning

Word Fun Our unique "Word Fun" programme was designed for the Ganeynu class (2–3 year olds). It is taught once a week and is designed to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation and the use of full sentences in a fun and exciting way. Each lesson includes a variety of songs, rhymes, stories and arts and crafts.

Mandarin Our immersion-based Mandarin programme commences in the Ganeynu class (2–3 year olds) with lessons three times a week. An extremely successful programme, it results in Mandarin acquisition through fun, song, stories, games and dance.

Hebrew Our "Chalav Ud'vash" Hebrew programme commences in the Ganeynu class (2–3 year olds) with lessons once a week. Through song, dance, play and story time, our children are exposed to the spoken Hebrew language.

Music and Rhythm During our weekly music and movement lessons we use percussion instruments, movement, dance and singing to help develop and improve our children's large and small muscle skills, balance and coordination. The singing stimulates their social and emotional development and sharpens their listening skills and concepts of tempo, pitch and dynamics.

Movement and Play Our weekly movement and play sessions are designed to help develop the cognitive, physical and social skills of our children as they play. The play environment allows children to climb, crawl and explore. Activities are specially designed to engage the children in interactive games that encourage flexibility, confidence and emotional well-being, and to build strong bodies and minds.