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The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a spooky musical that focuses on the importance of love and family. It is weird, at times gruesome, but also lighthearted - and moving - as the family members search for independence while also remaining very loyal to each other. On Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 December, Elsa High School presented The Addams Family! 

This year's performance of ‘The Addams Family’ was a highly anticipated event. Every poster and rehearsal only enhanced the excitement. Safe to say, this rendition of ‘The Addams Family’ surpassed everyone's wildest expectations. Although the performers were the main focus, nothing would be possible without the incredible efforts of the student and staff community, especially those of the directors: Ms. Pearson, Ms. Roybn and Ms. Celia. Students and Staff dedicated their time to set painting, prop design, costuming, and stage organization. 

As Gomez says, “Living or dead, family is still family.” The musical is an unconventional love story featuring lying partners, unhappy marriages, and teen romances. But it is also a story about an acceptance of differences, an openness to change, and the need to stay true to yourself.

Wednesday Addams (played brilliantly by Isla) has fallen in love with the seemingly ordinary Lucas (the charming Noam) and they plan to marry. She confides in her father, Gomez (played with particular flair by Yair), making him promise not to tell his wife, Morticia (the irresistible Casey), but Gomez is an honest man who cannot fathom keeping secrets. When the Addams family decides to host a dinner for Lucas and his mum and dad (played with heart and soul by Trisha and Jack), things start to unravel. 

The music and some of the solos were also very impressive. Adiella, playing Wednesday’s little brother Pugsley, sounded phenomenal singing the macabre song “What If,” in which he mourns the loss of his sister and the torture she always used to put him through. The song is extremely gruesome yet hilarious and somehow heartwarming at the same time. Akiva played the role of Uncle Fester brilliantly, leaving the audience wanting more after lighting up his jetpack and flying to his beloved - the moon. 

While watching the musical, everyone was absolutely in awe of each individual's talent. We could see a different side of each student; it was truly incredible to see such talent across the whole school and there were some surprises to see how excited and enthusiastic so many students were to perform. 

This event was truly a display of the achdut within our community and demonstrated the best of what Carmel School staff and students have to offer. Thank you to every single individual who made this outstanding performance possible. Encore! 

Lili, Sadie and Mr. Adam Darell

A massive thank you to the PTA, volunteers, and sponsors of the musical, without whom the show would not be possible. You brought enthusiasm, energy, and excitement to the show. Thank you!