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Admissions Policy

As a non-profit and inclusive co-educational Jewish school, we develop the whole child, combining rigorous academic standards with an ethical and moral foundation made possible by Jewish education. We are proud of the way our students grow into responsible and caring members of the world community, equipped with the global competencies required in tertiary education and beyond.

Academic Indicators

Middle School (MYP)

Indicators include but are not limited to:

  • Principal interviews with the candidate and his or her parents
  • School reports, including teacher comments, from previous schools attended
  • Internationally recognised English proficiency assessments (for non-native English Speakers)
  • MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing to assess aptitude in science, literacy and numeracy
  • Co-curricular interests and achievements

Senior High School (DP)

Admission to the Diploma Programme at Carmel School is determined by a holistic evaluation including but not limited to:

  • MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing to assess aptitude in science, literacy and numeracy
  • Student consultation with parents, teachers, and members of school management team
  • College and Career Counselling
  • Review of the student's academic portfolio
  • Evaluation of students Service as Action (SaA) Portfolio*
  • Internationally recognised English proficiency assessments (for non-native English Speakers)
  • The development of ATL skills and the results of MYP Grade 10 results

*External applicants will be evaluated based on courses studies and service activities to date.

Priority Considerations

It is the aim of the School to provide places for all members of the community. In the event that places become limited, then admission is prioritised according to the following criteria:

  1. Children who have siblings in the School, where all siblings of Carmel School age are attending the School.
  2. For Tzutzik applications, priority will be given to those who can walk.
  3. Children of employees of Carmel School.
  4. Children of Jewish community employees, such as the Rabbis of the Hong Kong community.
  5. Children of families who are members of one of the Hong Kong's Jewish communities, the Jewish Community Centre or other Jewish families living in Hong Kong.
  6. Non-Jewish families (for Elsa High School only).

Selection Criteria

Criteria for admission includes, but is not limited to, academic ability based on past scholastic performance and test scores as well as an on-campus interview with either the Principal or Head of Elementary, and past and present teacher recommendations.

At Elsa High School, we welcome students of all nationalities and backgrounds. We aim to select a broad range of students with diverse talents, ideas and life experiences, and those who share the common goal of developing the attitudes and skills required for success as an IB learner.

The school's curriculum is very demanding academically, and students who select to participate in the IB Programme as either a Diploma or a Courses candidate are expected to be collaborative, hardworking, self-disciplined, self-directed, open-minded and approach tasks with a sense of purpose and pride.