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Kosher and Shabbat

Carmel is a kosher school. We ask that playdates and birthday parties follow the laws of kosher and shabbat.

Kosher foods are foods that conform to the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut. There are three categories: Meat, Dairy, Pareve. Kosher food products will have kosher certification printed on them.

  • Meat and dairy cannot be mixed, nor be eaten and served at the same meal
  • It is important to read labels [ex: biscuits, cakes, chips, crackers] as butter/milk are often used

Examples of kosher certification symbols:

When kosher symbols have the letter “D” or “Dairy” attached to it, it means the food is dairy:


  • Kosher food can be bought at the Kosher Mart at the JCC
  • Many kosher products can be found in supermarkets around Hong Kong
  • There is a dairy cafe at the JCC. Pizzas and more can be ordered from JCC for birthday parties
  • There is also a meat restaurant at the JCC


  • Beef, chicken, lamb are kosher meats. These items must have kosher certification on them.
  • Meat must be eaten separately from dairy. It cannot be mixed or eaten at the same meal
  • Kosher meat can be bought at the Kosher Mart at the JCC


  • Milk and dairy products need to come from kosher animals
  • Dairy products need kosher certification
  • Kosher dairy items can be bought at the Kosher Mart at the JCC

Food that is not meat or dairy are pareve. Pareve food can be eaten with dairy or meat. Fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, oil, mayonnaise, nuts, rice, pasta, bread are pareve. Kosher fish must have fins and scales: Salmon, tuna, cod, seabass are kosher fish. Only eggs from kosher birds or fish can be eaten

Our house is not kosher, can we still have playdates in our home? Yes, absolutely!

  • Fresh fruit and raw vegetables are a great snack
  • Sandwiches - Bread and sandwich ingredients can be bought at the JCC kosher mart
    • When preparing sandwiches, make sure to prepare sandwich on a clean board with a clean knife
    • Smoked salmon and avocado sandwich
    • Egg and mayonnaise sandwich
    • Tuna and mayonnaise sandwich
    • Hummus and pita sandwich
  • An assortment of kosher snacks can be bought at the JCC kosher mart
  • Pizza and other food can be ordered at the JCC

How do I host a birthday party for my child?
Mazal tov! We ask for birthday parties to not take place on the Jewish Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night)

  • JCC has birthday packages for event space and food specials
  • JCC food catering and be ordered if you are hosting the party somewhere else
  • For more information on JCC catering/parties:

Shabbat is the most sacred day of the week and takes places from sunset on Friday till nightfall on Saturday. Shabbat is a time where we rest and spend time with family: we do not work on Shabbat, we do not write, use the phone, do homework, go shopping, drive cars, or even turn electricity on and off.

Help! I’m still confused.
We’re here to help! Contact class representative or PTA (