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COVID-19 Updates

eLearning Updates

The Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB) announced  that due to the latest epidemic development, all schools in Hong Kong would resume classes on 20 April the earliest pending further assessment.  

Carmel School is committed to offering ongoing support to our students and community. For e-Learning arrangements and other important information, parents are reminded to read e-mails as well as messages on the School App.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The following is a message from the Hong Kong Department of Health:

As the transmission of COVID-19 virus has been increasing around the world, members of the public are advised to consider delaying all non-essential travel outside Hong Kong.

Members of the public are urged to go out less and reduce social activities such as meals gatherings or other gatherings, and maintain appropriate social distance with other people as far as possible. To maintain at all times strict personal and environmental hygiene is key to personal protection against infection and prevention of the spread of the disease in the community.

Please visit our Facebook and thematic website (https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/index.html) regularly for further information and updates. Attached please also find the latest disease information and preventive measures of COVID-19.


Carmel Elementary Demo Seder

At Carmel, we have always welcomed Pesach with our Demonstration Seder, a highlight of our school year. This year, we are delighted to share with you our first virtual Demonstration Seder. We hope that you and your family enjoy.

Somewhere - from West Side Story

The cast of West Side Story could not perform on stage for you this week, but wanted to share an excerpt of the show with you all.....enjoy!