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Prospective Parents

Built on a foundation of Excellence, Community and Tradition, Carmel School Association combines a 21st-century learning environment — geared towards academic excellence — with ingrained community spiritedness and the bedrock of Judaic religious tradition and teachings.

Academically challenging, service focussed and globally aware, Carmel develops vital skills that lead to long-term success, and the school's core academic and co-curricular programs strive to create self-directed learners who excel scholastically and develop inquiring, healthy and moral dispositions.

The breadth and depth of available programs across Carmel means that each and every student has the potential to explore hidden talents and allow individual strengths to blossom and thrive. And when this enriching and developmental environment is coupled with a very favourable teacher–student ratio, allowing room for bespoke, child-centred educational strategies, it becomes clear that Carmel provides a truly unique pedagogical experience for children in Hong Kong.

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