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School Sport Teams

Carmel School Association takes great pride in its sports programmes, both within the school curriculum as well as After School Activities (ASA) and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). Participation in sport help students become well-rounded individuals and promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Participation in sports is also seen as a positive factor for university applications. All activities follow the IB philosophy and the learner profiles to continue to develop individuals enquiry process.

Physical Education/Health Classes

PE classes form an integral part of the IB curriculum for all students from Pre Reception to Grade 10. In Grades 11-12, the PE Department offers PE class to support their Creativity, Activity and Service expectations. The curriculum is extensive and offers exposure to a wide range of sporting activities.

Competitive Sports

The philosophy at CSA is that students should have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, rather than specializing in just one activity. The school has a comprehensive sports programme that covers specific sports that are manageable according to the size of the student population and interests.


CSA is a member of the International School Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK). There are four seasons in a year and CSA competes in sports that have been agreed to be the core sports that are able to be offered at the school.

The ISSFHK, divided into four divisions, runs the entire school year with different sports offered each season.

Season 1: September to November

  • Football (U14)
  • Swimming (U12-U20)

Season 2: November to February

  • Basketball (U10-U20)
  • Football (U14)
  • Cross Country (U10-U20)

Season 3: February to May

  • Track and Field (U12-U20)
  • Boys’ Football (U20)
  • Fencing (U10-U20)

Season 4: May to June

  • Football (U12)

We have five age divisions:

  • U10 – Students aged 9 or under as of 1 September of that
    academic year
  • U12 – Students aged 11 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U14 – Students aged 13 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U16 – Students aged 15 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U20 – Students aged 19 or under as of 1 September of that academic year

ISSFHK League Information: Game schedules, results and standings can be found at www.issfhk.org


Students selected for a team are expected to attend training sessions and matches. At the U12 to U20 levels, the programme operates at least one afternoons per week, matches are held at least twice per week. Competitions against other schools and clubs are arranged each week throughout the season, and may be scheduled on weekends (Sundays).


CSA is a full member of the ISSFHK and all teams participate in tournaments at the end of each season. All members of the squad are expected to be available to attend the tournament.