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It has given me immense pride and pleasure to meet and catch up with Carmel Elsa High School Alumni over the past couple of weeks. Several came to visit us in at Elsa High School and were eager to chat to teachers, see new facilities, and catch up with students. I would like to congratulate all alumni and encourage them to visit us and to keep in touch. Here is a brief update on the students I met recently.

Mrs. Rachel Friedmann | Principal

Rom Razon Class of 2015

Rom graduated with a BSc in Computer Science and Physics from the Technion University. Rom will be joining the Israeli army shortly.

Tom Ho Class of 2015

Tom graduated with a Bcom, majoring in Accounting and Management from the University of Melbourne. Tom is now back in Hong Kong and will be undertaking an auditing job in PriceWaterhouseCoopers in October 2019.

Aaron Meoded Class of 2019

Aaron has just started his first year at Yeshiva University, New York and has selected several Philosophy courses as part of his studies.

Ofir Razon Class of 2018

Ofir is entering his second year at the Technion University studying Electrical Engineering.

David Caron Class of 2013 

David graduated from McGill University last year with a First Class Honours degree in Economics. He is currently working at an investment bank in Global Markets Business Management and is looking to acquire further experience, preferably in research and data
analysis, prior to pursuing a Masters.

Noam Konyn Class of 2015 

Noam graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Bristol University. Noam will be starting an internship in Israel shortly.

Aviv Lavi Class of 2015 

Aviv graduated from Nottingham University with a BSc (Hons) in Economics and will be studying in  Beijing, perfecting his Chinese at Tsinghua University.

Emily Nagar Class of 2016

Emily is currently studying Psychology at the IDC in Herzliya and has recently written and published a children’s book.

Sarah Davidson Class of 2016

Sarah is entering her final year at Cambridge University studying History and hopes to enter the field of Social work.

Joanna Gershon Class of 2017

Joanna is entering her final year at Durham University studying Sociology and hopes to do a Masters.