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On 22 October, Grade 11 embarked on an intense and emotional trip to Poland. The visit is a five day long immersion trip about Jewish heritage and the Holocaust. The trip involved five days of visits to historical streets and villages, concentration camps, as well as mass graves scattered in and around the cities of Warsaw and Krakow. Below, Grade 11 students share their experiences. 

"Part of our role as international students was to keep records of our experiences; field notes and photographs served to document the journey. Learning about the horrors of humanity balanced with the bonding with the British teenagers that were also on the trip helped us learn about the journey of the Jewish population and the importance of connection between the different communities." Clarissa Yu Grade 11

"Singing together, looking to the future at a place where once thousands were killed simply for their beliefs, I believe brought about a strange sense of hope among us." Charlie Allard Grade 11

"The most memorable part of the trip was in our last moments in Auschwitz, where we stood in a circle around a memorial and sang Hatikvah. This gave me a sense of hope which will, along the horrifying sights of Auschwitz and the other concentration camps, forever remain in my mind.” Sarah Cohen Grade 11