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This week Elsa High School proudly participated in celebrating Hebrew Language Week. We mark Hebrew Language Day every year on the birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, one of the fathers of modern spoken Hebrew. Every year this day falls on the 21st of Tevet, this year the 18th of January. During this week, students all around the world promote the Hebrew language in some form. On This day, people in Israel prepare for conferences, activities and events exploring the Hebrew language. They do this as part of a desire to promote and preserve the language. Furthermore, it is mandatory in Israel to celebrate this day in schools. The aim of this is to establish the status of the language outside of Israel, and encourage further research and spread of the language around the world.

The Elsa Hebrew department has shared its ‘Hebrew week’ ideas and activities with other Jewish schools around the world. A Jewish School in Houston was inspired by our activities and decided to do the Hebrew slang poster activity as well!

This week in Elsa we wanted to celebrate in a special way. During our Hebrew lessons we participated in a range of activities and games in different linguistic areas. Grades 6-10 worked together with the Hebrew and Art department to create posters of Hebrew slang words. All the posters created were hung on a prominent school wall, so that the entire community of teachers and students would be exposed to Hebrew slang words. Further events this week took place in Hebrew classes. In the Hebrew library, students played board games in order to enhance Hebrew social communication and vocabulary. All in all, this week has been both an educational and enjoyable experience, and we look forward to next year! 

by Sophie and David Effron Grade 10