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This week saw the culmination of several months' intensive work from the Elsa High School community, with the staging of two spectacular performances of 'Into the Woods'. These productions showcased the exceptional talent, perseverance and hard work of our students, and everyone involved should be very proud of their achievements.

'Into the Woods' tells a story of choice and consequence which relates very much to the real world — where young people are faced with more options and more dangers than ever before. 

The choice that each student made to be part of this production, and to give their wholehearted commitment, dedication and passion to the project, reminded me that every community is more than the sum of its combined parts. Each student brought a unique and personal perspective to their role which, combined, resulted in a dynamic and honest portrayal of lived experiences. 

I'm sure you will join me in wishing the cast and crew of yet another enormously successful Elsa High School musical a huge mazel tov!

Mr. Gary Swart


Alumni News

Mrs. Friedmann catches up with alumni at Elsa High School.