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Dvar Torah

[Dvar Torah] Ha’azinu

Parashat Ha’azinu consists mostly of a song sung by Moshe on the very last day of his life.

[Dvar Torah] Vayelech

Parshat Vayelech opens with Moses telling the Israelites that he would not lead them into the Land of Israel, and that Joshua would take over.   

[Dvar Torah] Nitzavim

In this week’s parsha, Nitzavim, Moses talks about the covenant between G-d and Israel, insisting that Israel uphold the covenant and follow the ways of the Torah, for a meaningful and good life in the land of Israel.

[Dvar Torah] Ki Tavo

This week's parsha is Ki Tavo. In this week's parsha, we hear two words that sound very similar: "Vehaya" (and it will be), and "Vayehi"(and it was).

[Dvar Torah] Ki Teizei

This week's parashah, Ki Teizei, details many mitzvot, laws, and customs. Some of these topics attract discussion of  moral dilemmas that are naturally controversial, such as the mitzvah to send away the mother bird before taking her young, and the various forms of Kilayim (forbidden plant and animal hybrids). Today we will take a more in depth look at the laws pertaining to the wayward and rebellious son (ben sorer umoreh). 

[Dvar Torah] Chukat

Everybody makes mistakes. Even though we try to do things right, it is inevitable to eventually slip up. In this week's Torah portion we see how even Moses, one of the most heavily praised figures in Judaism, made a mistake. 

[Dvar Torah] Korach

In this week's Parsha, we are introduced to a Levite named Korach, who challenges Moses’ leadership and the Priesthood of Aaron.

[Dvar Torah] Shelach Lecha

This week's parsha is Shelach Lecha which tells the story of the sending of the 12 spies into Israel.