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Carmel News

Library Media Centre (LMC) Launch

Today marks the official launch of Elsa High School’s Library Media Centre (LMC), a virtual learning space custom designed for Elsa students. The content-rich website is an upgrade on the ‘traditional’ library page previously housed on the wider school website and we hope everyone will enjoy using this new learning space.

Grade 4 Update


Hebrew Language Week Recap

This week throughout the School, all Hebrew classes learned about the history of the Hebrew language. Hebrew was a dead language that was used for studying only, similar to Latin today. It hasn't been a mother tongue for about 1800 years. Therefore it was not suitable as an everyday language. It lacked many words and terms that are used in the modern world. 

[Dvar Torah] Va'era

This week's Parasha, Parashat Va’era, begins with G-d revealing himself to Moses with the four expressions of redemption, namely G-d promises to take the Jews out of Egypt, deliver them from their enslavement, redeem them, and appoint them as His Chosen People. 

Design Ventura Mini Challenge

Grade 6 & 7 students have been challenged to enter the Design Ventura Mini Challenge, which is run by the Design Museum Shop London. This international challenge looks to push the bounds of creativity while still focusing on ideas that help with everyday life.

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