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Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

Central Idea: We use our senses to explore and understand the world around us.  Lines of Inquiry: Our senses, How our senses help us learn, Ways people adapt when senses are limited. Key Concepts: Change, Function, Connection. Attributes: Risk Taker, Balanced

Unit of Inquiry:

We continued this week on the sense of SIGHT

We need the children to continue to bring in items from home for our senses board.  It doesn’t have to be the actual item, a photo is fine.  Feel free to email me the photos to print, but make sure your child knows what the item is and which sense it is for.

  • We recapped the main points on the sense of SIGHT and discussed what it’s called when you can’t see.  A couple of children knew that it means you are blind  
  • We then talked about how they though blind people would be able to do things when they cannot see, and how they would feel about being blind.
  • We watched some YouTube videos about being blind and the things that can help people like guide dogs (seeing eye dogs), Braille (we will be talking about people walking with a white cane next week)
  • What is it? – we put a verity of things on a tray, and asked each child to have a turn wearing a blindfold to see if they could use their sense of touch, to tell them what each item was when they picked it up. Mostly the children got them correct because they were able to see them at the beginning.  Next week we will do the experiment again, but this time they will not be able to see beforehand, to show them the difference.
  • Photo Safari – we went down stairs again but this time we had to use our sense of sight to find specific things, and mark them off on a checklist next to the photo of what we were looking for. The children absolutely loved this action packed activity and were so excited when they found things
  • Braille names – we introduced the children to the concept of braille and explained how it works. The children learnt that blind people have to learn to read with their fingers like we learn to read letters and sounds with our eyes.  They then had a go at writing their names in braille
  • The children played a five senses game, which they are really enjoyed

We read; Elmer and Wilbur, The 5 Senses,


  • Library – please remember to return books
  • Fine motor activities –cutting playdough with scissors, paper hole punch squeeze, cutting practice, balancing marbles on golf tees
  • Music – we sang and danced to a variety of different songs
  • Number recognition, counting backwards from 10 and 20
  • Practicing songs for our end of year Pre-K Graduation!

Jewish Studies

In Jewish Studies this week we had so much fun celebrating Lag B’Omer. We sang songs and watched the bonfire, and later had special toasted marshmallows and apple juice with our snack! Next week we will begin to explore Shavuot!


This week in Mandarin we continued to learn what we liked to do in Mandarin. We played games and told stories to review what we have learned.

Please Note/ Reminders

  • Can you please ask your helper/ anyone that is picking up your child to come INTO the playground and over to your child at pick up time.  Safety wise it is very difficult when they wave from the JCC door to the playground, to make sure they have been picked up by the correct person.
  • Please continue to help your child to bring in SENSES related items to put on our senses board in our classroom.
  • Return all library books every Monday or Tuesday, so that your child can borrow another book
  • Please remember to keep a NAMED change of clothes in your child’s bag in case of accidents

Have a nice weekend, Shabbat Shalom

Ms. Adele and Ms. Annie