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The past two weeks have been filled with fun and learning for the students. Thank you so much to the parents for the thoughtful, lovely flowers.  I was very touched and they are so appreciated. 


  • Friday 7 May:  Grade 1 Siddur Presentation. 8:45-9:20 am in the school hall.  Due to covid restrictions, each child may have a maximum of 2 parents attending. Siblings are not able to join. Children should try to come dressed in white.
  • Monday, May 10th: Book/Character Day!!! - please start to plan your child's costume of what they would like to come dressed as!  It can be simple, homemade, reused or bought.  It is best if they can bring the book or a picture of the book/character they are depicting. 


We have read some books about plants using EPIC, Raz Kids and books from the library.  The latest book we read is called "Be a Friend to Trees".  The students completed a sequencing activity by writing out the steps of 'how to plant a seed' as well as a cut and paste of the illustrations and captions on the stages of a flowering plant. They worked on a mini 'Plant Report' using information gathered from 3 different sources: EPIC, Pebble Go and Brain Pop Jr to read and listen to facts about plants.  They chose a certain plant habitat, a plant from that habitat, and had to draw its appearance, classify it, list its uses and other facts about it.  They did a great job on this non-fiction text type!  They also brainstormed different uses of plants and wrote how plants help us in their journal.  Finally, we created an acrostic poem about plants together as a class!

We will move on to the text type of poetry and this connects nicely with our new focus in math on patters as well as our new unit of inquiry on 'how we express ourselves'. 


The students wrapped up their unit on measurement by learning about mass/weight using a balance scale as well as learning about volume using various containers and the water table.  They completed a little measuring assessment in which they used their knowledge and tools to show length in cm of different objects and drawings. In ICT, they designed a long paper metre stick by collaborations together to each make cm markets on papers we combined.  They then made a paper airplane and we used this measurement tool to test how far each plant could fly!  Next, we will move on to review and learn about patterns.  


We really enjoyed Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd!  The students dressed down and we collected the most out of any grade for the school compost!  Way to go Grade 1!  They wrote up a fact about plants or the planet to share with kindergarten, we donated to Team Trees to have 25 tress planted in our name (1 per student), and even learned a new song: "Earth, We're in it Together!"  We inquired into plant habitats and classifications.  We looked at ways humans impact the environment both positively and negatively. In ICT, they played a Kahoot game about plants.  They learned about natural resources and biofuel.  Next week they will learn more about the plant life cycle, soil, plant adaption.  We will try to use the scientific method in 2 simple plant experiments. 

We will wrap up our How the World Works unit on Plants this week and start a new unit about How we Express Ourselves next week. The Central Idea is that "People express ideas and feelings through different forms of communication."  If you have any ideas of how you can present to the class about various forms of communication, either in person or on google meets video conferencing, we would love your creative input!  You can play a musical instrument that evoked emotion or helps to tell a story, or you can volunteer to read a short story in a different language and then translate it as you go!   You may wish to act out a story, give a puppet show, or teach the class some sign language!  The options and endless.  Please be in touch with Mrs. Edwards on how you may like to help out at home or with the class on this fun last unit of inquiry.