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Reminder: Monday 10 May is Book/Character Day - Please help your child to get their costume ready!  They will be awarded house points for coming dressed up and having school spirit!  

What an amazing Siddur presentation we had on Friday!  I was moved to tears at the growth and focus of the students.  They practised a lot and it showed.  It was so nice to briefly see and chat with the parents in person!   Some pictures and videos of the event will be sent to you. 


We started our unit on patterning this week.  The students enjoyed practising movement, sound and visual patterns.  They guessed patterns of classmates as I brought them up to the front in a line, and completed shape, size, color, number and letter patterns.  They identified the unit or core of the pattern (the beginning part that repeats) and labelled patterns.  We will carry on with more number patterns and review skip counting forwards and backwards next week. 


The students completed their Plant Reports and they look great on our hallway bulletin board!  They also learned about the scientific method and wrote up the Carnation Coloration experiment, inclusive of a title, Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, and labelled Diagram.  We used white carnations and food colouring to see if the stems will soak up the color into the flowers just as we did with the celery experiment during home learning. Next week we will record our observation and conclusion.  

Reading: the students switched the levelled books in their book baskets and we will be doing new DRA running records and flight checks next week to see which level each child is now at. 

Spelling:  As I mentioned in a previous post, I sent home a copy of the most recent spelling test so parents can see which words their child spells incorrectly, and how they are misspelling it.  These words will be retested at the beginning of June so it would be very beneficial for your child to practice them often.  We are also onto a new list of words that are using the long vowel spelling choices and previously taught diphthongs.  I have attached the spelling list words (see May/June words).  These will be tested in mid May and the beginning of June as well.  The school no longer subscribes to Literacy Planet, but now use Reading A-Z Raz kids and Vocabubarly for Reading and Spelling.  Please log into your child's account as usual, and then click "vocabulary" for them to practice their words using a variety of phonics, spelling and vocabulary games.  We reviewed the games in class today.  


We learned about science projects, experiments, and the scientific method through Brain Pop Jr.  We learned that we need to ask a good question (what we want to find out), form a hypothesis (make a good guess based on what we know), test the hypothesis by planning an experiment (matierils or what we need, and the procedure or steps).  We asked the question "What can you put on an appl;e to keep it from turning brown?"  We cut an apple into 4 slices, put something different on each slice (water, milk, soda and lemon), labelled them and observed the effects the next day. We discovered that lemon creates a chemical reaction that stops the apple from turning brown as fast, whereas milk makes it go brown and mouldy quickly.   We also did the white carnation with coloured water experiment and will observe those results on Monday. 

Next week we will begin our final unit on How We Express Ourselves!  Please see the unit over view below.

Have a lovely weekend,

Andrea Edwards