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Thursday 14 October - no school, public holiday

Friday 15 Oct - no school - PD day for staff

We had a great day at Sports Day!  Students showed spirit, sportsmanship, a good attitude and participation. Everyone helped gain house points and went home with a participation ribbon in their house color.  Photos to come!

We continued to learn about the zones of regulation.  We reviewed the feelings that happen in each zone and what it might look or sound like.  We sorted feelings and actions in the zones on See Saw and as a class on a poster.  We played four corners with each zone's posters in a corner of the room.  Once I said an emotion or showed a photo of emotion the students had to move to the corner they thought that emotion belonged in.  We also talked about expected and unexpected behaviours, as well as reactions to feelings and situations matching the size of the problem. We reviewed tools we can use to move out of the blue, yellow and red zone. 

We learned about the important relationships and communities we are a part of and how they help to shape us to flourish.  We read the books "Me and my Family Tree" and "Me on the Map".  We made concentric circles of our relationships and communities with ourselves, family, friends, school, culture, city and planet. 

We learned about even and odd numbers.  We know that odd numbers end in 1,3,5,7,9 and even numbers end in 0,2,4,6,8.  We know that even numbers can be divided in half and in fair shares with 2 people, and that odd numbers will always leave people out when making pairs or have 1 leftover. We practised using Brain Pop Jr video and quiz, on paper-pencil tasks, with number lines, hundreds of charts, using See Saw and Splash Learn assignments. 

This week we wrote thank-you cards to specialist teachers and wrote some words in our feelings and relationship inquiry packs.  We also practised some spelling strategies in RWI and played bingo with sight words and words that use the phonemes: s,c,m,p,t,g,a,o.  

Thank you to all the students who wrote appreciation cards for me and other teachers.  :)

I hope you stay safe and dry! 

Shabbat Shalom!