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Dear Parents, 

I hope you have had a good week! We have all been healthy this week, so we have been able to start new math and finish up some of our work in literacy and in our unit of inquiry.

Please read this letter. We are still looking for a lot of the supplies listed within the letter to help support our next unit of inquiry. Please send these in with your child anytime next week. Thanks in advance. 

Below is what we have accomplished in Grade 3 this week: 


This week we completed our book study of Stone Fox. The students completed two tasks related to the last 5 chapters of the book. First, they summarised chapters 6 and 7 of the book and highlighted the most important events from these chapters. The children also spent time illustrating the most important event from the final 3 chapters of the story. Each child then had to explain why the event they chose to illustrate was so important to the story. 

We also wrapped up our unit on review writing by reviewing the book Stone Fox. Each child wrote their own review and gave their opinion and recommendation to other young readers. 


In Math, we spent time collecting data and graphing the results. To begin, we had to learn how to create an effective survey question. Next, we used the data collected from our survey to create a pictograph. Students needed to also use a reasonable scale that reflected the data and fit easily onto their graph and journal page. We also created bar graphs from data we found online regarding the weather in Hong Kong. Students used the data to create a neat bar graph that included titles, a proper scale and labels for both the X and Y axis. Finally, we explored how to create graphs using Google Sheets. 

Unit of Inquiry: 

This was our final week inquiring into transportation systems. The children held a mini-exhibition on Thursday afternoon where they shared their travel brochures with Grade 2. We will begin our new unit of inquiry next week. Here  you will find the summary for our next unit. 

Have a great weekend. 

Mr. Cain