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Good Morning Parents, 

In Grade 3, we have been very busy. We've been reviewing important math concepts, writing poetry, and inquiring into cultures around the world. Here is an overview of what we've been up to lately!


For the past few weeks, we have been reviewing some of the math concepts that we covered during eLearning. We spent time reviewing multiplication facts up to 10x10 and the children were introduced to 2-digit by 1-digit column multiplication as well. We have spent the majority of our time investigating area and perimeter where the students solved problems that helped them understand that area generally stays the same, even if we change the shape, but that the perimeter can change drastically. 


We have been continuing to write poetry over the past couple of weeks. Recently we have focused on Diamante and Limerick poems. The children found that the limericks were very challenging to write and had to really find the rhythm of a limerick and practice reading them before they could attempt their first one. We will be continuing with limericks next week. 

Unit of Inquiry: 

Over the past few weeks we have introduced the children to several aspects of different cultures around the world. This week, we took a deep dive into Japanese culture in class and discussed the food, dress, architecture, sport (sumo wrestling), dance and martial arts associated with this amazing culture. We were also were fortunate to have in a few guest speakers to teach the children one aspect of their culture. The students participated in Bollywood Dancing and in Karate. Please see the photos below. Next week, we will wrap up our culture unit of inquiry. 

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Cain