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Dear Parents,

This week in Inquiry Kindergarten wrapped up our How We Organise Ourselves unit by creating a Puppet Pals video clip about their future job. The children first drew themselves and then painted a backdrop of the workplace setting where they would potentially work. They then practiced their communication skills and used Puppet Pals on their iPad to present their job. The video clip has been uploaded on Seesaw for you to see. Well done students!

In Maths the children have enjoyed using their fingers to help them solve basic addition problems. They are now recording number sentences in their maths notebook with ease, which is fantastic. Next week the students will learn to use the number line strategy for addition, which is one of my favorite strategies as it is a visual way to show mathematical thinking. 

In literacy this week we focused on reading CVC words. We did this in small groups and partner work to help the children practice their blending. One of the games we played was a CVC board game which you can also print out and play with your child at home: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U9j8sccXAjXaEWMaestP_w8bbd7oGcMs/view?usp=sharing

The students also practiced sounding out and writing CVC words on whiteboards. Our sight word of the week was "see". The sight words we have learnt so far are: I, like, my, see.

Shabbat Shalom,