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Dear Parents,

The children are so proud of themselves because we've finished learning all the sounds in Speed Sounds Set 1!! This week we learnt the sound "nk" and reviewed a few sounds. We will learn Speed Sounds Set 2 (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy) for the remainder of the academic year. We have also learnt the sight words down, away, jump, of. We did our usual literacy stations and had fun playing a sight word bingo game today as a class.

 In maths we are wrapping up our unit on capacity, the children had fun stacking and packing blocks into defined spaces such as boxes and cylindrical cans to compare the capacities of containers. They counted how many blocks could fit into the box/can and wrote the number of a post-it note, and compared their findings with each other. We also did a fun fine-motor and math activity which introduced the children to terms such as "full,", "empty" and "half-full". Next week we will start our unit on mass. 

In inquiry last week the students learnt and shared about the importance of trees. The children got to also use the Expeditions app on their iPads and see augmented reality trees around our classroom, which was super fun. This week we focused on how we use plants for resources such as furniture, medicine, personal care items (soap, toothpaste) and more. We also planted a seed as a class and the children are in the process of writing a "how-to" piece on planting a seed. We will wrap up our Sharing The Planet unit next week. 

Reminders/Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, May 10 - Dress Up As Your Favorite Book Character Day. Children can start thinking about and preparing their costume for this day!
  • A clarification on birthday treat ordering: only cookies from the JCC can be ordered for your child's birthday celebration.

Have a great weekend, 

Ms Lam