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Dear Parents,

The weather has been hot, humid and rainy this past week! When it is outdoor recess we've been spraying the children with bug spray as a lot of the mosquitoes are out and about. If your child is easily bitten, you are welcome to put mosquito patches on them. We were pleased to have Ms Steph's Pre-K class visit BRC yesterday. The children did a great job (again!) showing the children around the school and explaining the school routines and rules. Well done Kindergarten! 

In inquiry this past week we learnt about Maya symbols and Egyptian hieroglyphics and how they were used as written communication. The children have also been learning how to express their creative ideas through writing. They created their own character and described their character with adjectives. They also did a sequencing activity and learnt more about a story having a beginning, middle and end. Next week they will be working on their own short story about the character they've created. 

In maths we've finished up our unit on fractions, and we reviewed addition and subtraction. The addition and subtraction activity ties into what we're learning in inquiry as the children had to translate Maya symbols to solve the math problems. Next week we will begin our last unit on reading time. 

In literacy we learnt the sounds "ar" and "or" and the sight words was, very, saw, funny. This week Kindergarten were so thrilled to resume their library lessons with Hamorah Keren. They got to borrow a book, and this will be the last book that they will borrow for the academic year.  


Upcoming dates and reminders

  • Some children have started bringing back their library books. Please bring back your child's library book on Monday. 
  • No homework for the remainder of the school year!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Ms Lam