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Dear Parents,

We celebrated two birthdays this week! Happy birthday to Noa and Daisy. You will also notice your child coming home with a handmade card that they really enjoyed making today. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 

This week in inquiry we finished our instructional writing piece on "How to Plant a Seed", and Kindergarten did a fantastic job writing it! It has been uploaded onto Seesaw for you to see. The students came up with the sentences on their own, referring to our sight word wall and a word bank that I've put on the board: water, sunlight, seed, soil as they completed the writing task. I'm incredibly proud of them, they're showing great progress and independence with their writing. The children are also taking turns each day to water the seed we planted together, we hope that it'll grow into something before the last day of school! Next week we begin our final unit "How We Express Ourselves", please see unit overview here.

In maths the children have started learning about Mass. We introduced this by having the students choose one object in the classroom and as a class we used a balance scale to find out which one weighed more and which one weighed less. The children used comparative language to describe mass such as "heavier" and "lighter". We then followed up by doing this activity in pairs as students tested various objects to find which weighed less/more and recorded their findings. We also had a bit of time to review subtraction. 

In literacy we started learning Speed Sounds Set 2 and the children were introduced to the sounds  "ay" and "ee". The sight words 'where', 'do', 'went', and 'be' were also introduced. 

Reminders/upcoming dates:

-Monday, May 10 - Book Character Day, students to come dressed in their favorite book character. I've encouraged the children to bring the book as well. A lot of them seem to  already have an idea of what they will dress up as, which is great!

-Friday, May 28 - Kindergarten Shabbat Party. Please see flyer below for the information:

-Please continue to help remind your child to bring their homework folder each day, and that books need to be returned every Thursday. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms Lam