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Dear Kindergarten S Parents,

I hope everyone has had a great week. I am very excited to have you more involved in your child's learning journey through Seesaw. In your child's blue communication you fill find the details on how to get set up. Please contact Maggie, our ICT expert if you need any help getting sorted (her details are on the forms). The students will also begin using Raz Kids for reading soon and so these details are also on the forms.

Here is what we did this week:

Math: We revised ten frames, and introduced tally marks, the students used this knowledge to match them with numerals, words, and other symbols developing their number sense. We introduced the concept of subitizing and played subitizing games. We learned about conservation of a number and an created artwork to demonstrate this knowledge. 

Literacy:  During phonics, we recapped sounds previously learned and introduced the "s" sound. We practiced our letter formation and then informally introduced the concept of blending through Fred the frog. During handwriting, we revised capital letters E and F and learned how to form the letter D. We also learned about finger spaces and practiced dictation for the first time.

Wellbeing:  We focused on the learner profile attribute caring and began noticing who was displaying this attribute.

Inquiry: We inquired into the Zones Of Regulation; the way our body feels in the different zones, our level of alertness, and when we are in and out of control of our bodies.

Important reminders: 

  1. No school on Thursday 14 October and Friday 16 October

Shabbat Shalom,

Mrs. Shannon