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Ki Tisa is one of the most famous parashiot and also one of the most meaningful. It’s a story about faith, belief and Leadership. The main premise of Ki Tisa takes place after Moses has received the Ten Commandments on the two tablets at Mount Sinai with all of Israel as his congregation. 

With Moses not there to lead Israel, Aaron, the Cohen Gadol steps into the head role. Aaron notices that the people of Israel are getting skeptical of Moses, the commandments and the presence of Hashem. After intense pressure, Aaron bends and commissions a Golden calf to be built, out of the earrings of all the Jewish women. Moses comes down from Sinai days later to find the calf and destroys the Tablets in anger.

The calf stood to the Israelites as a means by which they could praise and worship G-d and they believed it was a way they could feel his presence closely. In essence, they had lost their faith in G-d.

This can serve as a lesson to us today because at times, it can be challenging to see the good in treacherous times like these. It can be difficult to keep our faith in not only Hashem but also in our friends and family when so much in our lives has been flipped and changed.

Had the people of Israel waited just a little bit longer and held on to their belief for just another day, they would have received Hashem's gifts and blessings. The people of Israel weren’t a picture of patience and ultimately they paid a heavy price. Let us learn from their mistake and remember that during these challenging times we need to hold on to our faith with patience and persevere through any adversity we may face.

We need to keep counting Hashem's blessings and look forward to the better days and the better future that is right around the corner.

Shabbat Shalom

Asher, Grade 9