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In this week’s parashah, Parashat Vayera, G-d reveals himself to Abraham. As Abraham sees three angels, who were disguised as men, appearing in front of him, he immediately welcomes them, invites them into his tent and hosts them whole-heartedly. One of the angels then announces that Sarah will give birth to a son in exactly one year. As both Sarah and Abraham were already very old, and Sarah had passed the age of childbearing, she laughed as a response. Yet since they had not given up, and as G-d remembers his promises, Sarah did indeed give birth to Yitzchak after a year. 

This parashah shows us the character of Abraham, a person who doesn’t talk much but shows sincerity through actions. Instead of talking to the angels, he decided to show kindness and respect by serving them with a fine meal. This is a virtue that can and should be adopted by all of us; we should respect each individual and our community through our actions. Furthermore, the parashah also teaches us the importance of having hope and not giving up, in the same way as Sarah and Abraham didn’t give up on having a child. 

Challenges are inevitable in our lives, hence it is essential for us to learn to overcome these challenges and always stay optimistic. 

As November exams are approaching, we should understand that although making study plans can be effective, it is the act of sticking to the plan that can lead us to success. 

Meanwhile, we should also learn to face challenges and use them as opportunities to work harder and to improve. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Tal, Grade 12