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At Carmel, we have been busy planning for all eventualities and are committed to ongoing, detailed communication with parents. We have taken on board parental advice and concerns and have devised differentiated scenarios, ready for implementation, for each School section.

The Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre (JCC L3, L4 and the ELC)
Our Supervised Care under the Emergency Care provision was successful and we hope to be able to offer this once again, if needed and supported by the EDB. More details will be sent to parents shortly. 

Carmel Elementary
Our Carmel Elementary faculty will provide a further enhanced overall synchronous eLearning programme for Grades K-5. This will be underpinned by our Well-being support and specialist EAL and TLC teachers as well as a Parent Induction Workshop on how to support your child. Kindergarten Induction sessions for our incoming youngest BRC students will also be held and we are currently looking at creative solutions in case on site induction is not possible. More details will be sent to parents shortly. 

Elsa High School
At Elsa High School, faculty will resume the high level synchronous eLearning model, supported by the Wellbeing Programme and tracking of individual students. Incoming G6 and other new students will attend Induction Sessions. More details will be sent to parents shortly.