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Today was a super successful Grade 6 induction day, and it was fantastic to finally meet everyone in person. To kick off our introductory session, Mrs. Friedmann spoke about setting expectations for the year, pertinent as we approach Rosh Hashanah with its emphasis on new beginnings. Mr. Swart presented technology and behaviour guidelines as well how best to prepare for success this academic year, doing your best and working to your potential. I then finished with the importance of knowing and understanding rules and regulations, which leads to everyone being able to learn in their new environment. 

After the introductory session, during Period 7 Mr. Swart lead very exciting Drama lessons. As I walked into the room, you could sense the enjoyment and excitement of being in a practical lesson. One student even commented that they look forward to working with their peers more in the coming school year. To top off our induction, the Grade 6's all looked the part!

I look forward to the rest of the induction week. 

Mr. Julian, Grade 6 Home Room Leader and Director of Experiential Learning


Grade 6 Induction

Today we welcomed our Grade 6 students for an induction into High School.