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On Wednesday 28 October, Grades 11 and 12 had the opportunity to discuss Bereshit with Rabbi Avtzon. Specifically, the discussion was centred around debunking what is commonly known to us (Jewish students) about the story of creation. 

Beginning the conversation around the first five pesukim (verses), we first examined existing translations of the text. With this, it was found that - due to perceptions of Jewish people in history - these translations could not be necessarily deemed as accurate. This became increasingly evident when we looked at the translations objectively, with much of the writings not making intuitive sense. Following this, we examined commentaries surrounding the issue where it was found that - contrary to common belief - everything (apart from man) was created on the first day. From there, followed a progression into what is known as the core functions of the worlds workings in natural science today.

Many thanks to Rabbi Avtzon for taking time out of his schedule to deliver this fascinating lecture and to the Jewish Studies department for arranging the visit. 

Alon, Grade 11