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On Monday 7 June, there will be a charity spelling bee for the first time in Elsa High School's history. The spelling bee will be hosted in the school hall during period 1 PSHE. Students should bring their laptop or mobile device to participate in the Kahoot spelling quiz. The top three winners of the Kahoot will move on to the finals, where they will compete against each other in traditional spelling bee format. The winner will have their picture framed and placed in the ‘hall of fame’, and will be the ‘2021 Spelling Bee Champion’. 

Monday 7 June will be a non-uniform day to support Sulam Israel, a charity that helps children with special needs and learning difficulties. Students are encouraged to dress in bee colours to match the theme of the day. Please send in a minimum donation of $20 in order to support this cause. Please take a look at Sulam’s website (https://www.sulamisrael.org) to see the amazing work that they are doing, and to find out more. 

Students should dress modestly and respectfully on the non-uniform day so as to maintain the good name and Jewish character of Elsa High School.