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I am proud to officially announce our Cut B'Omer Event! I was inspired to do this event in order to honour a dear friend of mine, Shachar Gadasi OBM, who sadly passed away from cancer recently at age 13. 

This Friday 30 April we hosted a hair cutting event where our students had the chance to cut Ms. Vee's hair! We sold raffle tickets at $5 each during morning and afternoon recesses during the week and I am happy to announce that we have now raised a total of $2000!
All the proceeds will be donated to Zichron Menachem, a charity that supports children with cancer and their families. Ms.Vee’s hair will also be donated to Zichron Menachem. Congratulations to the winners - Mauv Tang, Akiva Zion, and Peter Gian. 
Thank you everyone for your generous contributions and a special thank you to Ms. Vee! 

Tahlia, Grade 10