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My experience with DP Design has been tremendous. Up to now, we have addressed ergonomics, anthropometrics, and user centered design. Nevertheless, it is still as though we are just scratching the surface of the course. These topics look at how humans interact with an object, and designing for the use of humans.  

An element of Design class which I love is applying the ideas we learn in class to a physical assignment. We are, as of now redesigning the interior of the makerspace with the end goal in mind to make it user friendly. We are developing creative strategies so as to contribute to our goal. For example, we have color coded the seats and assigned a color to each workspace. That way if a student walks in he is able to differentiate between several workspaces and categories within the makerspace. 

My favourite part of the course is being able to learn how to do conceptual sketching. For a while I have been trying to accomplish the ability to sketch conceptually and I found it very challenging trying to learn it myself. However, with a teacher, attaining the ability became far more straightforward.


DP design has been one of my favorite classes this term; there is freedom in how we approach different tasks and feels very involved as we have many discussions and time to speak with each other. Having the freedom to discuss with my peers and teacher creates a very pleasant and encouraging atmosphere in the classroom. Throughout the current term, we have covered what makes a good product, what to watch out for and how to be successful in making it.

We also have been working on redesigning the MakerSpace, a project that was a true introduction into what designing actually consists of. I have already learned so much from DP Design from learning how to sketch products with precision to opening up my mind to what the design world really is. From the wise words of Mr. Donnoli, “Design innovation comes from what you don't know you don’t know” a quote I'm still trying to understand fully to this day. DP design is a great course and I recommend at least to look into it before finalising your IB subjects. If you have any questions about it please feel free to shoot me an email or ask me in person. 


Since the start of the year, Aryeh, David and I have thoroughly enjoyed Design class. The IB has so far been very strenuous and demanding, and although Design can also contribute to this at times, it has been a subject which I have been very interested and amazed by. Since the start of the term, we’ve started to learn about Design on a more technical and in-depth level, whilst also doing practical activities in class such as drawing and brainstorming exercises. So far, we’ve learnt about Industrial Design, conducted a case study on an existing product, learnt how to sketch with a designer mindset and learnt about Human Factors and Layout Design. 

Our current project which we’ve been working on for the past few weeks is redesigning the MakerSpace. With the skills we’ve learnt so far, and a little guidance from Mr. Donnoli, we’re gradually transforming the MakerSpace in order for it to be more efficient, user-friendly and organized. As a group, we decided it was best that we give the MakerSpace a system where the lab is partitioned into several different sections; each section represents a certain area of Design. The MakerSpace currently has a Technology section, Finishing section, Workbench section and Colouring section. As the term progresses, we hope to carry on with this project and carry on taking it a step further. 

I’ve learnt a lot of very interesting and useful skills from Design and cannot wait to find out what the rest of the semester has to offer. 



Elsa MUN Returns

On Wednesday 21 October, Elsa MUN returned to action. Even if you only join once, you learn a lot and get a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Grades 7-12 Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents and students are invited to Grade 7-12 Parent Teacher Conferences, to be held on Monday 2 November and Monday 9 November. More information has been shared via e-mail.