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On Wednesday 21 October, Elsa MUN returned to action. Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations in which delegates represent different countries involved to debate resolutions on global issues.  Elsa MUN is the same except it involves a simulation of these conferences where students ‘represent’ different countries to present and debate these resolutions.  

For anyone who is interested in this, you get experience in public speaking, a deeper level of knowledge on the issues discussed and is generally a fun and engaging experience. In addition, you also learn new terminology to discuss, debate, and learn about the pressing global issues of our time!  

This year the topic of debate was the ‘Illicit Arms Trade in Africa’.  I represented Ethiopia and I was okay with the legalization of the arms trade, however only if there were certain regulations and arms were monitored.  It’s interesting to hear how other delegates chose to handle problems and whether they chose to make alliances with other countries.  

For anyone who isn’t sure whether or not they should join MUN, go for it!  Even if you only join once, you learn a lot and get a deeper understanding of the world around you. In the end my group (Germany, The United Kingdom, USA, Ethiopia, Yemen, the State of Libya and Uganda) decided to propose a resolution in which the wealthier countries would fund the protection of our citizens in the form of arms control.

Natalie (Grade 10)