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Each year Elsa High School students enter the Hong Kong Young Writers Award competition. With guidance from the English department, students write a piece of prose fiction based on a different theme each year. Last year there was one winner and three runner-ups from Elsa High School. Here, Milly (Grade 9) shares some tips for students wishing to emulate her success.  

What are the benefits of entering the Hong Kong Young Writers Award Competition? 

One benefit of entering a writing competition, specifically one like the HKYWA, is that I was able to gain knowledge of a new topic. And, with the topic being Future Adventures of the Greater Bay Area, it was a topic that I usually wouldn’t research and read about. 

Another benefit is that you can practice your writing in a friendly yet competitive environment, where you can receive constructive criticism in order to improve your writing. 

How did it feel when it was announced that you were the winner of Fiction Group 3? 

When it was first announced, I was thrilled to hear the news. I was surprised, so I was really excited and grateful. 

How did you prepare for the Hong Kong Young Writers Award Competition? 

To prepare, I did a lot of research about the topic. When I thought I had gathered a sufficient amount of information, I came up with as many ideas as I could, writing anything down that popped into my head. Then, I narrowed the ideas down to the one that I thought would make the most interesting story. 

Do you have any writing tips for students entering this year's competition? 

One writing tip would be to try to gather as much information as possible, then you can go through, refine your information and select which pieces you want to include or draw ideas from. 

Another tip is to choose an idea and write a story that you are passionate about and excited to write. I think this will make it easier to write as well as more intriguing for you and, hopefully, others to read.