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This week marked the official launch of the Upcycled by Carmel Plastics Lab. The lab was launched through a plastics themed inter-grade competition where students took part in various activities to raise awareness for plastic pollution, while also cleaning up the environment through collecting and recycling plastics themselves. 

The main focus of the week was a plastic collection drive where students from all grades collected plastic that would usually land up in a landfill and brought it to the plastics lab where it was recycled. At the end of the drive, School had collected a total of 26.5kg of plastic, with Grade 6 collecting the most (10kg!). Each grade also contributed one break of their week to work in the Plastic Lab to cut, shredded and recycle plastics. 

The most exciting event of the week was the Robotic Plastic Sorting Competition. During this competition, students went head to head to see how many plastic bottles they could correctly sort over a certain time period by using a remote controlled robot. Over 15 matches (each grade played each other once), Grade 10 came out on top with 81 points, while also winning the final against Grade 6. A special shout out to Nicolas Fung in Grade 11 who helped manage the event during his own recess time. All of the points from these events were then added into a grand total with Grade 6 winning the entire competition with 228 points. The winning team enjoyed ice cream for their efforts. 

Thank you to everyone that participated in the events and to all of those that helped with the organization, we look forward to launching more initiatives in the near future.

Mr. Rian Stone, TOK and ESS Teacher