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We continue to drive experiential learning programmes to support our students gain outside of their academic timetabled learning. Last week we launched our Wellbeing Workshop, comprising of nine workshops taught and led by our teachers. The workshops include: 

  • Designing and building a sustainable garden
  • Learning how to grow plants from existing vegetation 
  • Designing a House Mascot
  • Designing and implementing Jewish and Hebrew culture visually across the campus
  • Visually creating Elsa at a Glance in the Community Room
  • Wellbeing Body and Mind workshop (two groups)
  • Sustainable Development Goals; Thinking about solutions on how to save our planet

This programme groups students by house and in a virtual environment (Grades 6 to 10), allowing ideas to flow and demonstrating that we are here to learn from each other and we can all support each other’s ideas. This is a very unique opportunity which I feel that Carmel School leads across the other international schools in Hong Kong. I look forward to sharing photos and reflections from our students in the coming weeks.

Well done to everyone in their ‘out of the box thinking’ as well as ability to drive the core principles of the IB and Carmel School in this weekly workshop session.

Mr. Julian, Director of Experiential Learning